Bleach 320 Spoilers

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fanart100_prompt_29___part_2_by_begger4mcgregor Spoiler Bleach 318

Ecco qui gli spoilers per il prossimo capitolo di Bleach, continuate per leggerli interamente.

Immagini del capitolo: Confermate

According to the above spoiler, this week’s depict only yumichika and izuru’s fights. Their opponents releases. Yumichika’s opponent is really gay, depicted by the way his/her sword releases. And also according to how Yumichika’s opponent speak also.

Izuru’s opponent’s release:: “Shave the head, Agira’ (Sky Bald-head Eagle)

Yumichika’s opponent’s releases : “Glitter, Court Garden’s Rose, Beautiful Queen’.

Charlotte Coolhorn’s attack has a ridiculous name.

Beautiful Charlotte Coolhorn’s…Miracle, Sweet, Ultra, Funky, Fantastic, Dramatic, Romantic, Sadistic, Erotic, Exotic, Athletic, Guillotine Attack