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Ecco a voi i primi spoilers riguardanti il prossimo capitolo di One Piece (509). Continuate se volete leggere le anticipazioni. Niente traduzione italiana degli spoiler questa settimana, mi dispiace.

Testo del capitolo: Confermato

Celebration of the 10th volume sale (Hasn’t been done yet though)

[a comment by Himajin? don’t know what exactly he’s talking about]

Chapter 509 – Kizaru VS 4 Captains

Cover Page – CP9 story: Blueno seems to have noticed something while writing the scores.

Kuma attacks Luffy and the others without reserve.

Usopp: It’s coming!!! Daaaaah!!!

Brook, Franky and Usopp dodge Kuma’s beam

Usopp: haaa….ha..from his hands…and mouth as well…

Brook: Cough..

Franky: *panting* what the hell’s that anyway..

Usopp: It’s a beam, a beam I tell ya!

Franky: a beam is a ray of light! If such a weapon existed that would be awesome…for a fairy tale!!..hay, what’re you doing?

Brook: Playing dead, see?

Franky: you’ve already dropped the act!!

Zoro, Sanji and Luffy, while avoiding Kuma’s attacks face towards him

Zoro: Santouryuu… ( 3 Swords style..)

Luffy: Gom Gom….

Sanji: Diable…

Luffy-Zoro-Sanji: Mouton JET 600 Pound Cannon!!!

Kuma is sent flying against a wall

Nami: we did it!! we really did it!!?

Chopper: They’re sooooo awesome!!!

Robin: the opponent is a Shichibukai…he can’t go down this easily..I get it from their expressions…

Luffy: There’s something wrong here!! Is it a twin of that guy then??

Sanji: it could be…!

Zoro: If it was the real one it would dodge attacks more with his instantaneous movement..and he doesn’t fire shockwaves, and he doesn’t have paws…!!

And even if we said that he’s an imposter, that would be a problem too..that would mean that there are 2 guys this strong..

Kuma is about to stand back up

To Be Continued

Meanwhile, in Grove 24

Urouge: You hurt me pretty badly.. don’t think I am the same as before! Inga Sarashi!!

[In a nutshell, it means expiating in this life the sins committed in one’s former existence. It’d be easy to conclude that Urouge is dealing back the pain that Kuma inflicted him]

Speaks quickly and rushes Kuma with punches. Kuma is blown away. Cool! [Himajin notes]

Basil: the man who hadn’t suffered a mortal loss until now..grew into a giant, and this strength..what is this!?

After he said this, Kuma , back up, pierced Urouge’s shoulder with a laser

Urouge: Guha!!! It’s hot!!

and he falls again

Drake: that’s Kizaru’s laser..!!
adding Bartholomew Kuma’s body..Vegapunk recreated Kizaru’s attack power!
The Pacifista have already arrived at this stage!!

Pirate: Such a situation…is not normal! Even 3 guys ranking over 100 millions can’t hope to survive against a Marine Admiral and a Shichibukai!!

Quick, let’s run away!! let’s leave the island, get on the ship!!

Kizaru: Rear Admiral Drake..ah…former Rear Admiral. Aren’t you reconnaissance for that (the Pacifista)?
try and fight it if you like, with what you know about how things really are..don’t think despair is that great..

[obviously unsure about this part]


Kizaru: Please, don’t pay any mind..dear hatchlings Sirs..that I’m here too now..!!!

The moment that Drake fixes Drake as its target, Drake becomes huger than Kuma and bites his head.

Apoo: Aha!! and here’s more interesting stuff!!
Rare in the whole world, ancient type Zoans!! it’s the first time I see one..!!

There’s a silhouette of a dinosaur biting Kuma’s head. Kuma’s laser, though, hits Drake and sends him flying. Drake, back to human form, stands again before Kuma. There’s blood near Kuma’s forehead.

Drake: ooh……I’m surprised that even in you flows red blood! *chuckle*

Urouge: I’ve seen something really unusual..

Kizaru: I though I had said that I’m here too.

A kick from Kizaru hits Urouge’s side, and Urouge is blown away.
Near there, Basil’s body becomes something like a Western cursed doll.

Basil: Demon Subjugation’s Partner [can’t really say what would go instead of “parner”. the kanji is pretty ambiguous]

To be Continued

Then, Kizaru realizes something

Kizaru: They’re all like this..these guys ranking over 100 millions are all monsters, they’re plain scary, really!

said this, he stops the attack, and the instant he puts his fingers in a “V” shape in front of Hawkins’ eyes, light comes out from them.

Basil: Uwaaaaa!!! I can’t see….|!!

Crew: Aah! Captain Hawkins!!

then, something sparkling comes out the fingers and attacks him.

Kizaru: don’t know what kinda ability it is…but your body is solid…looks like it isn’t a Logia.

Crew: Captain!!!! that’s bad, he’s going to exceed the damage limit! he might really die!!!

Kizaru: and the first one is done..congratulations on the long boat trip that brought you here!!!!

then, the moment he was about to deliver the last blow to Basil

Above, Apoo was dancing

Kizaru: What’s that guy…?

Apoo: does it reach there..? if you can hear this music, “Stay Tune”!![said in English] Marine Admiral Kizaruu..


Kuma: Scratchman Apoo….

Apoo: Everybody!! [probably wrong, but it’s something like “eberibori”] it’s music to listen in battle?

Drake: that’s…the “sea rumble” [Apoo’s nickname, IIRC]

Apoo: Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaatch!! Slash!! (Jan?) [given reading]

That very instant, Kizaru’s right arm is blown away

Kizaru: what theeee?

Apoo: explode! (don?) [again, given reading]

and that instant, Kizaru exploded.


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