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Riassunto del capitolo: Confermato

Death Wind (Kazeshini) doesn’t seem to have any particularly special abilities.

He holds one sickle to attack with and throws the other.

Hisagi doesn’t seem to like that his weapon is shaped like a life reaper.

He asks the crab who seems overwhelmed if he is scared by it, he yells “who me!?” Hisagi says that he himself is scared of it.

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The crab says “if you are scared of your own huge power you will become intoxicated by it.” Hisagi then tells ebichili (Chile Prawns) that he has learnt “a sword in the hand can not be weilded by one who does not fear it.”

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During the fight Findor’s mask is 90% removed bringing him to the level of a captain. Hisagi however cuts off his right arm and wins the fight as Findor attempts to escape by throwing a sickle into him.

We then see a destroyed pillar and Ikkaku has collapsed! That’s all til next week.

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