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Riassunto del capitolo: Confermato

Sasuke-san has flipped his lid and gone ape-shit. (spoiler writer comments)

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Madara-“There’s something important I wanna hear from you. Seeing as you know of Itachi’s life and his intention for you to inherit his will, tell me the truth…. What do you wish to do?”

Sasuke-“…Itachi showed me that he dedicated his life to risking himself for the village.”

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Sasuke- “But as far as I’m concerned, I can’t help but feel that losing Itachi is a far greater sorrow.”

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Sasuke- “I didn’t wish for Itachi to be a sacrifice of ‘peace’. Knowing the truth now, taking up Itachi’s mantle and protecting Konoha is something I cannot do.”

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Sasuke- “And I can’t forgive the three elders. A frivolous peace for Konoha revel in, which Itachi payed for with his life. Konoha’s hands are just as bloody.”

Madara- “Weren’t you only going to kill the elders?”

Sasuke- “No. I want to slaughter all of Konoha myself. I only said that in front of “Hawk”.”

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Madara- “Is that right? Even when shown what Itachi’s life was about and knowing his will…you would bring what he attempted to protect for naught? Are your words truly what they claim to be?”

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Sasuke- “You said it yourself: Why didn’t Itachi kill me? Answer: Because to Itachi, my life held more weight than the village itself.”

Sasuke- “It’s the same thing as far as I’m concerned. Itachi’s life holds more weight for ME. That’s all there is to it.”

Sasuke- “Fucking elders discriminated against the Uchiha, had brothers kill parents and drove Itachi to his death!”

Sasuke- “And Konoha, the ass-kissers to the Senju. Pieces of shit not fit for trash. All will be targets for my vengeance!

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Sasuke- “It’s fine if you take me as a fool being moved by his emotions. After all, inheriting Itachi’s will would be such a beautiful thing.”
(trans note: his sarcasm is flowing right off the page, lol)

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Sasuke- “It just amounts to verbal diarrhea, coming from those who know nothing about hatred. If there are any who would deny a life such as mine, let’s see them when every last one of their loved ones are killed off!”

Sasuke- “Then, maybe, just maybe… they’d begin to comprehend my hate.”

…(The capacity for hate is always present for those who have known love)…


“We brought the 8-tails as you requested.”

Madara-“Well done. I believed the job would get done if it was you. Where are (you) going?”

Sasuke-“It’s time to heal up our wounds. Then…Konoha.


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Immagini del capitolo: Confermate

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Commenti (4)

  1. Mi sa che abbiamo perso Sasuke.

  2. Beh, penso che ora anche Madara inizi a temerlo, il suo occhio non � cos� completo come quello di Sasuke…poi per le intenzioni verso Konoha…s� sta umanizzando, vedremo il nostro caro Kishi trasformare un pg ultrapowa in un pg normale ma cmq powa…sono un po’ contorto per� penso si capisca….
    Comunque un grande GRAZIE A BLURRY che ci regala tutto ci� :silly: :silly:

    Ora lo aspetto in Italiano per vedere se il mio inglese � sufficiente o pessimo 😆 :ninja: :ninja:

  3. Ma secondo voi,il personaggio del libro era naruto o il padre(il quarto)?

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