Reply To: Naruto 627: Ipotesi e Discussione Spoiler


Credit: mr T/Yagami1211
Source: 2ch/NF

[SPOILER]Even though Itachi never heard Hashirama himself, he was the follower of his will. ( like Hashirama wouldn’t hesitate to kill brother, friend or family to protect the village. )

Sasuke : “For a Uchiha to be the one who understands you the most is really ironic.”

Tobirama had a subordinate called Uchiha Kagami and multiples ones.
Shisui is one of Kagami descendant.

Hiruzen : “As a Hokage, I did nothing but failures.”

Minato : “I couldn’t answer everyone’s expections.”

Orochimaru : “And they even ignored me.” ( As Hokage, he was never choosed.)

Hashirama : “What are you going to do Sasuke ?”

After hearing answers from the past, Sasuke is more determined.

“I won’t let Itachi turns to nothing.”

Sasuke turns his Sharingan on and heads to the battlefield.

Karin enters as she sense Sasuke’s chakra.

She attacks Suigetsu as he was starting to run away.