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    Chapter 526: Adventure at the Great Prison
    Color Cover

    Clam Belt – The Great Prison of Impel Down
    Marine: Take care!! Mistress Hancock!! (hearts flying) Farewell!!
    Hancock: Shut up!!
    Marine: Oh, please don’t be like that… take care~~~ (hearts)
    Momonga: The air is thick and heavy… this is how Hell feels like….
    Luffy: ……!!!

    The two (plus Luffy) goes down the stairs, and is greeted like by a…. pharaoh?
    Impel Down vice-warden Hannyabal
    Hannyabal: Welcome!! To MY Impel Down!!
    …. Sorry, I got carried over with my ambition and said ‘MY’, I’m still just a vice-warden. Nice to SMASHINGLY meet you.
    Momonga: I am Momonga.
    Hannyabal: I’ve been MASHINGLY told… you’re Mistress Hancock? ….MY Empress Hancock?
    Oh, Oh! I’m sorry, I got carried away in my ambition again! That bastard Warden…. I mean, Warden Magellan is MASHINGLY at the Warden office in Lv4 of the prison, so please go by him MASHINGLY. Me and vice-prison guard Domino here will guide you.

    Large breasted blond chick shows up

    Domino: There’s no time, so please come this way…. Vice Admiral, please head that way. Excuse me, but we have to body check.
    The prisoner would be taken beyond this cell, stripped of all their clothes,
    and is thrown into the “lukewarm water of imprisonment”, which is a hundred degrees boiling water boiled on hot iron plate.
    The process disinfects and sterilizes the inmate, as well as “baptises” them into a new inmate.
    Of course there are those on a diffrent class among the inmates… The recently joined “Fire Fist Ace”, Shichibukai Jinbei, and former Shichibukai Crocodile… These men didn’t even flinch when they were baptised, and came in gracefully.

    Hancock: …..

    Domino: Don’t worry, the guest is checked indivisually at a private room.

    Hancock: …..

    Domino: I would like you to take off that cape. It’s the easiest thing to conceal something, so we will hang on to it here.
    We’re not doubting you, but to keep you from suspicious activities, we have survailance den-den-mushi placed all over the prison to keep sending the survailance monitor video of you constantly. First, the Seastone handcuffs….
    Luffy: !!
    Hancock: Go easy on me….

    Domino and the Den-Den Mushi on the ceiling are turned into stone

    Luffy: Whew!! That was close!!! I was planning to get out of here faster than they can see us
    Hancock: Luffy…!! This is as far as I can take you, it seems. From here on, I can’t even use my power… and without the cape, I can’t hide you.
    I want to be able to help you, but….
    Luffy: What do you mean? Alone, I couldn’t have even come this far!! You got me inside this building past all those fleet, that’s enough!
    Hancock: Luffy… this is a fortress to keep people from escaping…!! Whatever you do, don’t stir trouble!!
    If you’re caught, you’ll never be able to get out….!! You are strong, but… please promise me you won’t go on rampage…!!
    Luffy: Ok, I promise! Thanks a lot, Hancock! I’ll never forget this!! I’ll repay you someday for this!
    Hancock: ……!!! (You called me by my name… Hancock….?)
    Luffy: Hancock…. Hey Hancock!!
    Hancock: I have no regrets left in my life….
    Luffy: Hey, you can undo the stoning!! I’ll handle the rest!!
    Hancock: This is what it feels like… to be in love with each other…..

    Beeping noise alerts Hannyabal
    guard: Vice-warden Hannyabal!! The video coming from the inspection room has stopped, is everything ok?
    Hannyabal: The room with Domino? Domino!! Anything wrong!?

    Hannyabal knocks, and Domino and Hancock appears from the room

    Domino: I’m sorry, did that take up some time? Bodycheck is finished.
    (That’s odd… I feel like I lost some memory….)

    guard: The video came back, there’s no issues
    Hannyabal: Yeah, over here too!
    Hancock: Humph….!! I’m not a prisoner here, how rude. Who do you think I am?
    Hannyabal: I’m sorry for that, it’s just a rule here you know…?
    Hancock: Hurry up and guide me….
    Hannyabal: Yes ma’m, please head over to the large lift over this way….
    This lift will take us to B4, the scorching floor that Warden Magellan SMASHINGLY awaits.
    It’s a little hot, so please be aware. Please enjoy the soothing screams of the prisoners while we pass by Lv1 through 3.

    Hancock and others gets on the lift. Hancock sees Luffy hanging from the ceiling

    Hancock: (Good luck to you, Luffy!)
    Luffy: Thanks! (He says it by moving his mouth silently, without voicing it)
    Hancock: !!! (He said he loves me!!!)
    Hancock falls unconcious
    Domino: Mistress Hancock!? Are you alright!?
    Hannyabal: Hey, what’s with her suddenly…?

    Luffy: Now…. I wonder where I should go. That lift was taking them down
    Hancock told me Ace must be under the ocean…. oh yeah, that’s what the Vivre card is for!

    Meanwhile, and massive figure underwater is slicing up a Sea King with an axe
    The massive figure returns

    guard: Prison Guard Broglie is returning. He’s bringing food back
    Open the hatch

    Broglie and his subordinate returns
    Guard: Nice work

    Alarm goes off

    Prison Guard: I found him!! Pirate Buggy the Clown that dissapeared from Cell 4 of Lv1 have been spotted in the corridors nearby isolated cell 22!! Capture him immediately!
    Buggy: …!! Damn, they found me!! It’s you that did it, isn’t it you bastard!! (grabs the Den-Den Mushi)

    guard: feed from Surveillance Den-Den mushi 71 has stopped!!

    Inmate: Did you hear, it’s Buggy!! That’s what he gets for trying to run away alone!
    He’s gonna be tortured like hell, heheheheheh

    Broglie passes by the inmates

    Inmates: There he is!! Broglie!! Go get ‘im!! Catch him!! hyahahahaha

    Meanwhile, Luffy
    Luffy: Vivre card is telling me to go down, but this is a dead end… but I did come down, didn’t I?
    There’s a large door blocking his way

    Prison guard: It’s prisoner 8200. I heard he’s a devil fruit user, don’t forget the seastone. He wont’ get away.

    Many voices comes by Luffy.
    Luffy gets through the door when they open the door.
    Luffy: I’m in!
    guards: Split to two and get him from both sides, hurry!

    Impel Down underground BF1 Lv1 Crimson Floor

    Luffy: (Whoa, this place is large….. I hear screams…?) Oh well, I’m just gonna go
    Inmate: hey hey you there, why are you outside the cell??
    Luffy: Why? Because I came in from outside. Cya
    Inmate: Wait a sec, you liar
    inmate: Who are you…? You’re not a warden or a prison guard, why are you outside the cell!!
    Luffy: Oh yeah, you guys know where Ace is?
    Inmate: You mean the “Fire fist” Ace?
    Luffy: Yeah, I want to save Ace!
    Inmate: Hahahaha you must be joking. I heard he was brought in recently, but if he’s been held it must be Lv5.
    There’s no way you’d get near it, impossible!! That’s where they keep tons of bounty heads over 100 million berry.
    Anyways, dude, can you go by the guard room and steal their keys?
    Inmate: yeah, please do!
    Inmate: Don’t you think it’s fate that brought us together in this massive world?
    Luffy: What’s level five?

    ???: GYAAAAAA!!!!

    Luffy: What’s that? Someone’s been chased!?
    Inmate: It’s Broglie!!
    Luffy: Broglie?
    Inmate: Run away young man, he’ll kill you!!
    Broglie: Uhoho!!!

    Broglie slices the person he was chasing in half

    ???: Gyaaa!!! I’ve been cut!! …man this is hard to run
    Luffy: Whoaaaa what the hell is up with these guys?

    The body of the man sliced comes back together

    Buggy: Snap!! Gyahahahahaha!! You can’t cut me, fools!!
    ….Dohhhwaaaaaa!!?? Strawhat…!?? Why are you here!!??
    Luffy: Oh, it’s just Buggy.
    Buggy: Alright, don’t mess with me you damn fool!! You’re as arrogant as always!! But I didn’t know you were caught here as well
    Luffy: I came in here myself, I didn’t get captured!!
    Buggy: No fool would come into a prison willingly!! Oh wait, don’t tell me….. you heard about my capture and… you came to… save……
    Yeah right idiot!! That’d be creepy!!!
    Luffy: Why are you babbling off on your own!! I promised Hancock that I’m not gonna cause a ruckus here, and you bring trouble to me!
    Buggy: I’m not doing this because I want to!! My plan of “Buggy’s secret Great Escape” plan was ruined just now too!!
    Luffy: Who cares
    Buggy: What did you say!?

    Luffy: Whoa, they’re coming from the front too!!
    Buggy: Damn it!!!!
    Luffy: Do I have to run away?
    Buggy: What, are you stupid? If you’re caught, you’ll be tortured to hell!! You don’t know do you!? These guys have no sympathy at all!!
    Luffy: I just have to avoid getting caught. I’m in a hurry, and come to think of it, the ruckus has already started
    Buggy: That’s what I hate about you and the redhair…. always optomistic, in a bad way.
    ….Sigh…. Alright, Alright, I’ll do it. Changing the plans to Going out with a Bang!!!
    Luffy: I’m in!!


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