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    Buggy explains the floor structure of Impel Down. Those who dwell in Level 5 need a minimum bounty of 100 Million or more, there are rumors amongst the prisoners that creatures long believed to be wiped from history are sleeping down there.

    – ‘bullgori’ is an abbreviation for ‘blue gorillas’
    – buggy struggles to defeat one, but luffy defeats 5
    – luffy explains the situation he’s in and buggy decides to not go with luffy and try to escape impel down instead
    – however buggy notices the armband on luffy’s arm (that nami let him have at thriller bark) and says he will take luffy to where ace is if luffy gives him the arm band he’s wearing.
    – luffy accepts buggy’s offer and carries buggy’s feet
    – at this point the narrator explains how buggy’s ‘bara bara no mi’ works. apparently there is limits to how much buggy’s body parts can be seperated and his feet CANNOT leave the ground.
    – buggy explains to luffy the floor plan of impel down. he says that on level 5 all of the pirates captured in there have a bounty of at least 100 million (oku goe 億越え).
    – there are rumours that there are extremely violent monsters/creature (also says they are criminals) in the lower levels that have been wiped/untold from history

    – luffy tells buggy that he’s a nice guy
    – this is when buggy accidentally tells luffy about luffys arm band and that it was part of captain john’s treasure
    – im assuming after buggy tells luffy this, he tells luffy about the deal about if he receives the arm band buggy will take luffy to ace. luffy does not hesitate and gives buggy the arm band straight away.
    – buggy crashes into a wall and luffy crushes and goes through the wall. past this point is a ‘red hell’ (im not sure if this is the right translation for it… bit hard to translate -_-)

    continued part 2
    – ahead of this ‘red hell’ , is a hole that leads to level 2.
    – luffy jumps in the hole first and buggy does too however a burugori throws an axe and buggys head is seperated from his body; hence only his body falls through
    – a creature that looks like a dog howls/barks and on this floor there are lots of creatures/monster as mentioned from above
    – at the end of the chapter mr.3 appears, and level 2 is called the ‘monster/creature level’

    Chapter 527: Crimson Hell
    Buggy performs a In-air spinning Circus move on a Bluegori, but has no effect on it… while Luffy handles five of them.
    The armband Luffy’s wearing that Nami gave to him has treasure marking showing where Captain John’s treasures are.
    (If you recall, Captain John’s treasure is what Buggy was going after)
    Buggy tells him he’ll take him to Lv4 if he gives it to him, and Luffy does easily.
    They continue to plow through the walls, and goes through the prison guard room.
    They come to “Crimson Hell” room where leaves slices through intruders as blades, but because of Bara Bara fruit, it has no effect on Buggy.
    They jump into a well, and come to a diffrent place. They hear growls like that of beasts

    Undersea Prison Impel Down Level 2: The floor of hellish beast
    Mr3: I don’t even have enough strength to fear… we’re all going to be their food sometime

    As for the pics

    pic 1
    coverstory: “Father and son schemes asssination of CP9”
    Spandam and Spandine are planning to assasinate CP9
    pic 2
    Explanation on buggy’s ability.
    The feet must be touching ground to control the rest of the separated body.

    pic 3
    Buggy’s thoughts: Don’t look at me with those pure eyes….! I’m a cunning, scheming bastard….!!!
    (Buggy is apparantly feeling guilty for decieving Luffy)

    ???: Level 1 Crimson Hell! This IS IMPELDOWN!
    (no, no one’s kicking an inmate down the well )

    Buggy: Finally, I have Captain John’s “T” Mark!!
    Like hell I’m gonna be your guide anymore, see ya Strawhat!! (rest is hard to read)

    Undersea Prison Impel Down Level 2: Floor of the hellish beasts
    Mr3: I no longer have enough strength to even fear…. we’re all eventually going to become their food….!!

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    He cuts Buggy. Buggy:”Bara-Bara-Emergency-Split!!!”
    His head disappears into his chest.
    He throws the Blugori into the air.
    Buggy:”Now you’re gonna be crushed form tip to toe!!”Kuuchuu Kirimomi Dai Circus” (~Grand cirus: Whirling in mid air) Gyahahahaha!!!”
    They are also go by the name of Sea-Gorillas.
    He stand up again
    Buggy:”What?! It didn’t work? Damn! Dangerous!”
    The Blugori stike.
    Buggy:”Wait! Don’t punch me that hard!”
    Luffy hurrys to help and throws the Blugori away.
    Buggy:”Y..You’ve become a lot stronger…”
    Luffy:”Damn, what powerful beasts are this!?”
    Buggy:”This are the Sea-Worriers, the Blue Gorillas, also called Blugori! Be on guard! 4There is four more of them! Oh, it’s over!”
    The four Blugori hit the floor.
    Luffy:”I don’t have time to deal with each and every enemy seperatly!!”
    Prisoner:”Woha! That Guy! He beat a Blugori!”
    Prisoner:”Hey! What the hell are you!?”
    Prisoner:”Open the locks! Get the keys!”

    Den Den Mushi in the monitorroom:”The fugative is not alone!”
    Guard:”What?! But it should be only one!”
    Den Den Mushi:”Well I’m not blind! There’s two persons! Whatever… In front of block 10 5 Blugori where beaten!”
    Guard:”5 already!? Can’t be… I don’t think the one that beat the Blugori is a prisoner of level 1!”

    Buggy:”What? You wanna save Ace!!? Aaah! We’ve been spotted!”
    Luffy:”Don’t you shout that much anymore!”
    Prisoner:”Hey, I beg you! Please! The keys for the cell …”
    Buggy:”Shut up! You’re annoying!”
    Luffy:”You know Ace?”
    Buggy:”Although he is your brother, he is different from you, a lot more nice! We where brothers in boozing before I came here! I’m very sorry for what happened to him now! The Marine what dumb enoght to lay hand on one of Whitebeards.”
    Luffy:”Let’s go to level 5. Ace is there, isn’t he?”
    Buggy:”Damn! You can go alone! Are the two of us friends now or what? I won’t put myself into even more danger! Take good care! If you don’t want to come with me I’ll escape on my own!”
    Luffy:”Hm, there are at least ten warships out there! How do you want to escape like this?”
    Buggy:”W…What!!? 10!? Ok, I understand…! They prepare for Whitebeards attack. Its getting dangerous here! So I’ll have to stay here a little longer!”
    Luffy:”I’ve got no clue. Maybe you try an’ ask someone…”
    Prisoner:”Please… The keys!”
    Buggy:”…! Hm it’s not like that! I’m not dumb… (Can it be…)
    Luffy:”Take care! Good luck with your breakout!”
    Buggy:”(No doubt…) Wait a second, Strawhat!”
    Luffy:”What’s it!?”
    Guard:”There they are!”
    Buggy:”Ah, now we’ve been spotted!”
    Luffy:”Why do you always have to shout like that!?”
    Buggy:”Hey! That bracelet…! It’s nice! I want to have it!”
    Luffy:”What’s up with that all of the sudden? I got that from Namis’ treasure!”
    Buggy:”I could show you the way to Ace…”
    Luffy:”For real?”
    Buggy:”Do I get the bracelet now?”
    Luffy:”If it’s like that, its fine!”
    Buggy:”Fine I’m going to get us rid of our persecutors! Take my feet for a second please!”
    Buggy:”Now put the pedal to the metal! Run to the entrance of Level 2!”

    Luffy:”Level 2!? but I want to go to level 5!”
    Buggy:”Listen Strawhat! There is no direct way to there! This is the prison of Impel Down! We are on the first underground floor called Level 1! It’s going down step by step to Level 2, then to Level 3… The prisoners are sorted by their atrocity.! If I’m getting captured they will bring me to the dark level 4 to the torture! I can’t believe there is an even more cruel flood under that one! At level 5 there’s probably only those with a bounty of more than 100.000.000! I’m sure they keep him down there! I heard from other prisoners that there is another floor even deeper! The most cruel monsters of the past are said to slumber there! It might be a myth but Ace yould be down there! Whatever I’ll not guide you beyond level 4. You’ve got to go the rest of the way alone”!
    Luffy:”Seriously? You are suddenly so friendly to me…”
    Buggy:”Gyahahahaha! Thats my thanks for the way to captain John’s treasure that you showed to me. (Damn, now I gave it away!)”
    Luffy:”You are so weak that you ended up here?”
    Buggy:”Oh shut up and leave me alone! (It’s thanks to this idiot I’m still alive…)”
    Luffy:”Really? Waaah, I didn’t knew this bracelet is a treasure map!”
    Buggy:”He heard it after all! Damn shit!!! I didn’t mean it that way! You have got no know how it works!”
    Luffy:”Ok, than I’ll keep it thill we are done!”
    Buggy:”Eh? You damn… Do you even know what this is!? Do you really want to have something like that?”
    Luffy:”No, I want to save Ace now!”
    Buggy:”Well then you can give it to me now! You know I couldn’t escape easily!”
    Luffy:”I know! Didn’t you just say you will guide me?”
    Buggy:”(I shouldn’t always look at things this straight… I’m simple but I’m a man too! As if you wold just give it to me like that… This is my deepest desire, the map the the treasure of Captain John! I must have it. I need it no matter the price, Strawhat! I can’t just run away like that.!)”

    Buggy looks sideways, run against a wall.
    Buggy:”We got to go through this wall! It’s a shortcut!”
    Luffy:”Hm? Ok, leav that to me!”
    The both of them burst through the wall.
    Guard:”What’s up with them!?”
    Guard:”It’s the fugitive, Buggy the clown, and…”
    Guard:”Who is that? There’s two of ‘em!”
    Buggy:”( This is… the guardroom!? That we had to end up in their room…) come on Strawhat!”
    They burst through another wall.
    Guard:”Monitorroom, There is another fugitive the two of them…”

    Luffy:”What the heck!? In the middle of the prison there is a… wood? A bloody red wood!”
    Lots of people down there
    Buggy:”For a prisoner this if no wood!!! The leaves on the trees are sharp as a blade! This are sword-trees”! This gras on the floor is spiky as needles! It is the “Needle-Needle-Grass-“! The prisoners are driven into the forest by the guards and bleed to death because they are sliced by the leaves or priced by the grass.! Of course they suffer dire pain while doing so! Long story short level 1 is the blood-red hell! This is Impel Down!”
    Prisoner covered in blood:”Please help me!”
    Prisoner covered in blood:”I can’t stand this pain any longer!”
    Luffy:”This really is hell! Whether they tortured Ace like this too?”
    Buggy:”Likely! Let me go down there!”
    Luffy:”Why?Don’t you fear being cut?”
    Buggy:”I can’t be cut! Hush, or we’ll get captured! Throw my feet down there!”
    Luffy throws Buggys feet into the needle grass. Buggy:”Auauauauau!”
    Prisoner:”What’s that?”
    Buggy:”Gyahahaha! Foot inspection! This way!”
    Luffy:”Uwaaah! Thats, dangerous!”
    Buggy:”There is no stairway for us down from here! We don’t have no key to open the stairway! I remember there is an “escape route” out of the blood-red hell, to escape the pain!”
    Luffy:”An “escape route” out of hell!?”
    Buggy:”Look over there! Seems like he has never escaped from here before!”
    Luffy:”A hole!”
    They stand in front of a well shaft
    Buggy:”Sure, because this “escape route leads to level 2 which is an even worse hell then this here!”
    Luffy:”Uwah! It’s pitch-black!”
    Buggy:”The people from blood-red hell only want to escape to surface! Only and idiot would jump from earth into hell!”
    Luffy:”Right, but I like to try things out! Let’s jump down!”
    Buggy:”Okay, down we go!”

    They jump. While falling:
    Luffy:”Why did you wait so long?”
    Buggy:”What an impatient guy… Don’t he have the slightest bit of fear? I can escape or beeing chased but I’m coming! I couldn’t leave you my beloved “Treasure Mark”! Finally I’ve got you! Take care Strawhat! You have to go on alone! The other levels are still lay in front of you!”
    An axe hacks off his head. It came you of the elevator from a Blugori.
    Buggy:”Damn Blugori! You idiots can’t cut me I’m a Bara-Bara-Human!”
    His body falls down the hole
    Guard:”The both of them jumped down to level 2! Requesting confirmation!”
    Monster:”Gya Zegyaaah!”
    Prisoner:”What going on? Usually the monster are going frenzy out of rage!”
    Prisoner:”They seem to be hungry…”

    [Seabed-Prison Impel Down, Level 2: The wild beast hell]
    Mister 3:”I don’t even have the power to fear anymore. Soon or later we all become their prey!”




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