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Is he betraying chaplin? :skept: I’m sorry for it,they’re a nice pair :asd:

they broke down when chaplin started chatting with sirrus :sisi:
the big frog was too gelous to allow this :asd:

to be honest, I think I’ll go to London.. someday… but still… the weather sucks 😡

yes -.-”
it’s too too too wet :sisi:[SPOILER]my hair :icon_cry2::icon_cry2:[/SPOILER]

excel, how’s Liverpool? I heard is a great city

Liverpool is great…
and have lots of places to visit, above all hystorical places :sisi:
but actually i prefer Manchester…
[SPOILER]*crying because two years ago i could speak english very well, and now i’ve forgotten everything*:icon_cry2::icon_cry2:[/SPOILER]