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Fonte: 2ch/Narutofan
Crediti: Ohana/Btbgfel
Stato: Confermato
Tipo: testo

My english is not very good,so…

Madara:u worn out,old man?

M: what a expression,i thought i taught u before?

onoki’s flashback
onoki beaten by mad

o:why you betrayal our agreement?Hashirama said…

m:there are no allies, you will bow before konoha. and,NEVER SAY THAT NAME(Hashirama Senju) IN FRONT OF ME!
flashback ends

onoki:we fight ,we robb, we get robbed, then we rob more, therefore there’s hate, and hate caused the third shinobi war

m:that’s how we lives, you didn’t learn that from your life?

o:i’ve lived LONGER than you! I find a better path now!

muu(snake boy):you mean the fourth shinobi war?

o: this time is different! we are united now!

o:i see these kids,i know the world is growing up, to peace

m:the world doesn’t need to grow up,let it sleep in Infinite Tsukuyomi

o:then you are lost! i will become myself! it is you should sleep in eternal!
onoki stands up[/SPOILER]

Fonte: 2ch/Narutofan
Crediti: Ohana/Btbgfel
Stato: Confermato
Tipo: testo

[SPOILER]another part

My poor, poor English…

o stands up


garra came

g:alright, let’s face him together

o:for ourselves,for the future, we’ll defeat you here!(lol)

slug: hokage Tsunade!

Tsunade: mabui,prepare your jutsu!

Mabui:it only works on objects,not human…

Tsunade:we will not know if we don’t try

Mabui:I understand, but overspeed will harm the human body, maybe not a problem to raikage, but to you…


Shikaku: i got a idea! Hiraishin! summon team gemma(or team genma?)! send a slug there…

slug: and get me killed?

Tsunade: no need for that, i have yin seal release

Shikaku: that will be a dangerous bet, and you lost every time…


Raikage:Mabui,prepare your jutsu for two persons

(Here’s something confused me, the script following doesn’t make sense according to the former part)

the former three guards of minato used FTG,send the remaining three kages to madara

but this FTG need all three to use

The gather of five kages! The biggest battle in history!(bah)[/SPOILER]

Fonte: 2ch/Narutofan
Crediti: Ohana/Btbgfel
Stato: Confermato
Tipo: testo

[SPOILER]another part

Mei vs Bzetsu

genma rooted by black zetsu

Chojuro; damaged black zetsu

Genma:damn,my charka was drained!

Shikaku:there’s no time to waste! madara has been ETed!

Mabui:Let’s begin! Heaven Send!

Mei:isn’t FTG minato’s jutsu?

Genma:we are guards of hokage, the fourth taught us this jutsu

some fodder guard of hokage: yet we can only manage it with all three of us

Chojuro:I will stay behind, please go and defeat madara!

madara & muu prepare to attack, but

Tsunade kick madara away, Ei slamed Muu(lol)

onoki:you two?

Tsunade:yin seal:release,creation rebirth!

naruto:creation rebirth

mei came
Mei:if all of you are still alive, then i’m not late
Ei:let’s waste no time
Onoki:Good to live a long life, being able to see all five kages fight together![/SPOILER]

Fonte: 2ch/Narutofan
Crediti: Ohana/takL
Stato: Confermato
Tipo: testo

The will, will not decay!!
the place to pick yourself up

Oonoki:Ill deal with him!
Temari: No you cant!! youre totally ragged already!!

-Muu n madara are to close in on them-

Naruto: ! puff puff
Madara: I like to try out my jutsus a bit more (on you) but you cant possibly dance anymore Oonoki, eh?
Madara: whats your look? I thought once I had shown our power difference for you?

-a story when oonoki was young-
Oonoki: why!?that wasnt our understanding. Hashirama-dono said.
Madara. There is no alliance or whatever just obey the power ofkonoha! And dont mention the name of the Shinobi too me!
-the episode of the youth ends-

(this bit is yet to be done by me)
madara: the world needent grow any further it can sleep forever in the illusion of infinite ukuyomi
Oonoki: you made me give my-old-self ill defeat you to pick myself up! Youre the one to sleep jaze!
-oonoki stands up-

-oonoki stambles-
Dodai(aka luffy) Tuchikage-dono!!
gaaras sand helps oonoki-
Gaara: lets pick it up together

Madara: seemingly you can still dance
Oonoki: for myself! For the future (of the world)! You shall be defeated here!

katsuyu: tunade-sama
Tunade: mabui or something prepare your tenso no just! Come on!
Mabui: !! tenso no jutsu is to send things! Unlike kuchiyose or reverse summoning it cant send people! basically!!

Tunade: no time for going on and on! You never know before you try!
Mabui: I know it! your body cant follow the speed of the transfer which is too high but only be shredded and youll die! So far this tenso no jutu has been able to transfer no other than the 3rd Raikage! that was Just because he had the body way too tough! maybe The 4th Raikage-same be but not hokage-sama, its impossible for you for sure!
Shikaku: I have a bit of idea .its hiraishin no jutsu if we call up the genma platoon, have one of katsuyu marked and send it on tehso.
Katsuyu : cos with my ability i wont be affected when Im in pieces
Tsunade: no need for that! I use this-pointing at the mark on her forehead-
Shikaku: I understand.but its a risky gambleand basically tunade-sama is a poor hand at gambles.
Tunade: thats when I bet money. when I bet my life, its another story. Thats why Im still liveing even now.
Shkaku: eeerrr.
mabui and others: Raikage-sama!! Please tell hokage-sama to think again…
Raikage: hm mabui prepare your tenso for the two of us!
Mabui: raikage-sama, you too !! Shikaku-san !!
Shikaku: the things are at the final stage. Now is the time for the supreme leader to enter.
Tsunade: however madara is from the uchiha clan we got to do something for the katon.hiraishin no jutsu is to be used for another.

-balack zetsu makes naruto fall striking the wood root around his feet-
-then chohuro chops off balck zstsu-
Chojuro: the confidence in my power equals the number of the enemies I cut so…I gootta cut whatever
Mizukage: yep!
Gannma:I thought the sword was storing a lot of chakra but never thought itd be this huge.
Black zetsu:th this makes me still in an instant to change the form of the blade to this far is
Chilli-naru: good job the guy does

Shikaku: sorry genma but can you do what I tell you, will you! This is emergency whatever I say, no nit-pickings! Firstly the real madara has resurrected on edo tensei.
Genma: sorry but may I nitpick?
Shikaku: didnt I say no!

Tunade: Do it!
Mabui: ready steady! Go, Tenso no jutsu!!

Mizukage: the transfer before you could blink is supposed to be the 4th hokages jutsu isnt it?
ganma: were originally shinobis from a guard platoon to protect the 4th hokage. Although Now its the 5th hiraishin no jutsu is what we learnt from the 4th.
A friend of genmas: save that unlike the 4th we cant execute it if not with the three of us…Sorry its not cosy.
Chojiro: muzikage-sama go wipe the floor with madara please!! Ill defend this place to the last!
Mizukage: chojuro(this kid has become quite hardy since he left the village)
Genma: be ready! They put a mark on Tunade sama. As soon as lady tunade gets to the field well fly as well!
Mizukage: all right. I had enough of being late with marriage!

-as madara tries to attack something flashes in his face-
-there tunade is kicking at madara-
-Raikage punches at muu-
Oonoki (the thinker and princess tsunade!!)
Dodai: ive informed the HQ of the coordinates!
Tunade: yin seal release, ninpo souzo(creation) saisei(regeneration)!!
Rikage: are you allright!?
Naruto: granny tunade!? (this is of the jutsu to regenerate)
-Mizukage arrives soon-

Mizukage: everyone is still around that means I managed to be on time
Raikage I can finally wreak havoc Ive been waiting so long!
Tunade: now were ready!
Oonoki: again its nice to live long to see the day when 5 kages gather together to fight together!!

The (2page) Spread bang! The 5 kages bang!

The strongests, gather!!!!
the end of the chap

to be edited n added later[/SPOILER]