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[SPOILER]Chapter 717
“The Forgotten of Dressrosa”
Page 2:
Blurb: “A fierce battle!! The white-hot colosseum!!”
Gats: “All these big names…!!”
“Have been beaten down by these two men’s colliding wills”
“He looked as though he was unable to fight, but…”
“Now!! Just what in the world are we seeing here!!?”
DC: “Hiyahoho, seeing that you wield Conqueror’s Haki…”
“Just what do you dream of becoming king of…?”
Luffy: “King of the Pirates!!!”
Page 3:
DC: “What drivel!! Those possessing the “disposition of a king”…”
“Know that they are commonplace in the seas ahead”
“Everything will be determined there…!!”
“Further ahead, at the summit, where those conquerors are the only thing holding each other back!!”
“There is your “pirate king”!!!”
Sfx: *whoosh!!*
Luffy: “Oh!!”
DC: “From whom did you learn that haki?”
Luffy: “Rayleigh!!”
DC: “…so he’s still alive”
Page 4:
DC: “It pains me to hear that!!!”
“I don’t wish to recall the past!!!”
Luffy: “Ugh!!”
Gats: “Eh!!?”
DC: “Answer me, Strawhat, even though I would that I could forget!!”
“A treasure that lays right before ones eyes…!!!”
“But cannot be reached!!!”
“Is there any other hell such as this!!?”
Gats: “What’s this!!? That legendary pirate…”
“Is crying!!?”
DC: “Uoohhhhhh”
Page 5:
Boo: “…Haa… haa…”
“I thought we had decided to carry big brother to victory…”
Sai: “My training was also lacking… when he gets like this…”
“Nobody can stop grandfather…!!”
DC: ” “Chinjao the Auger” ”
“I was once called that, but no longer”
“Answer me!! What did Garp do to me!!?”
Luffy: “I have no idea! Whether you’re gonna cry or get mad, just go ahead and do it!!!”
Crowd: “Go, Lucy!!”
Kin: “Luffy-dono…”
Page 6:
Kin: “Sanji-dono, I must hurry to the “Toy House” to rescue Kanjuro, that I must”
Sanji: “Yeah I want to too, but just hold on”
“There’s an emergency situation here”
“Just look how many marines have surrounded the colosseum!!”
“Somehow or other, pirates and criminals alike have entered this tournament with no trouble”
“So these guys have shown up to catch them, yeah?”
Kin: “Well it’s only natural that criminals would be arrested, that it is”
Sanji: “Did you forget that you’ve also been riding on a pirate ship!?”
“I want to somehow inform Luffy about the situation, but…”
“The fighters’ entrance has been heavily blockaded…!!”
Someone: “Ehhh still no one…”
Page 7:
“There should already be hundreds of losers from A and B blocks!!!”
“Why hasn’t even one of them emerged!!?”
“It’s strange, huh”
Text box (bottom right): “Marine Headquarters Vice Admiral: Shark Cutter Bastille”
Bastille (middle panel): “Vice Admiral Maynard infiltrated as a contestant, but…”
“We haven’t heard from him in a while…”
“Doing as he pleases… that brat…”
“Something must be happening… inside that colosseum…”
Page 8:
One-Leg: “Here in Dressrosa…”
“Ever since Doflamingo took the throne, ten years ago…”
“There’ve been two heavily enforced laws…!!”
“The first is a curfew, at midnight. No one is permitted outside after then”
Franky: “Ehh!? Not even adults!?”
OL: “Humans return to their own houses”
“And toys go to the “Toy House””
“Nobody is out and about late at night…!!”
Franky: “Can’t even go out drinking?”
OL: “Well the shops aren’t open, at any rate”
Page 9:
OL: “Second… under no circumstances…”
“May a toy enter a human residence…”
“Or a human enter the “Toy House””
Franky: “Whaaat!? It looks like you all get along so well, but…”
“Even that sort of thing is forbidden…!?”
OL: “Indeed…”
Franky: “Well… is such a sad division between living organisms…”
“And man-made things so inevitable?”
“But forget that!! I’ve already gotten used to it, but…”
“Just what exactly are you toys in the first place??”
Franky: “You have will”
“And you can speak!!”
“Who’s the Vegapunk-level technician who produced you!?”
Page 10:
Lady: “Kyahh”
“Someone, get the authorities!!”
“This toy is broken!! It’s got “human disease”!!”
Toy: “No, that’s not it, just listen, Esther!! It’s me!!”
Lady: “Get off me!! This is creepy!!”
Toy: “What’s wrong all of a sudden!? We were getting along just fine until now…!!”
Man: “Oi!! Don’t touch her!!”
Toy: “Gyahh”
“Esther! I’m your boyfriend!!”
“You mustn’t be with that man”
“Please remember me!!!”
“No, release me!!”
“I’m a human!!!”
Page 11:
Kid: “Kyahaha let me ride, Wanpoco!!”
Dog: “No way woof! You’re too heavy now, woo-woof!!”
OL: “Hey, can you come over here?”
“Don’t worry, he’s also a toy”
(bottom bubble): “Well, half of him…”
(Top left bubble): “Mmm!! Gotcha, Wanpoco!!”
OL: “Who are you?”
Wanpoco: “I’m that boy’s father…”
“And that woman’s husband… my name is “Milo,” not “Wanpoco””
Page 12:
Franky: “…Hmm!?”
OL: “Boy… where’s your father?”
Boy: “Eh? Don’t got one”
OL: “And your husband?”
Woman: “I don’t have one. I’m not married. That’s not all too uncommon, is it?”
Franky: “…Hmm??”
“…Hey, soldier, what’re you trying to show me here!?”
“What’s going on!?”
OL: “In short, in this country…”
“There are the forgotten ones…”
Page 13:
OL: “And those who have forgotten…!!!”
“We toys were once human!!”
Franky: “Ehh!!?”
“One of the people Doflamingo brought with him 10 years ago…”
“Was an ability user who turned us all into toys!!”
Franky: “Oi!!! So you too…!!?”
OL: “Well, we can see the flower fields from here”
“I’ll explain everything there!!!”
Page 14:
Text: “Green Bit”
DD: “Fufufu!! No mercy, huh!!”
Fuji: “How clumsy”
Sfx: *purururu purururu*
Law: “Uhh!!”
“Haa… haa… why isn’t Nami-ya picking up!!”
Sfx: *purururu purururu*
“I’m sure I’ve got the right number”
Page 15:
Text: “Underneath Green Bit: Tontatta Kingdom”
Dwarf: “It’s Usoland’s haki!!”
“Uwah uwah”
Leo: “If I don’t restrain it, this cabinet’s gonna fall”
Granny: “You all ready to go Leo? Don’t forget your lunch box”
Leo: “Granny, there’s food already prepared at HQ”
Granny: “Is that right?”
Leo: “Ah, of course! I’ll just stitch everything that looks like it might fall”
“This should be good”
Granny: “Even though you can do that, that hero sure is something, isn’t he”
Leo: “That’s right! Because he’s the legendary hero, Usoland!!”
Granny: “And I thought I’d fall over, but now I won’t”
Page 16:
Dwarves: “Ah, Usoland, Robiland…”
“Have you eaten your fill?”
Usopp: “Ah, I’m stuf… err…”
“That is to say, I’ve fortified myself for battle!!”
“You beheld it earlier, when, trembling with excitement…”
“I caused the very earth to shake!!”
Dwarf: “Uohhh his power is immeasurable”
Usopp: “By the way, Leo, you were going on about how this is a decisive battle, but…”
“Wh… why exactly are you going up against Doflamingo…”
Leo: “Eh?”
Page 17:
Dwarves: “Ahhahhahhahha!!”
“The hero is a skilled jokester as well!!”
“It’s because we’re going to save 500 of our people”
“Who are being forced to work in the “Dark Factory,” of course!!”
Usopp: “Eh… a factory…!?”
“The one Luffy went to destroy…”
Robin: “This factory… is it the SMILE factory…?”
Leo: “We don’t know what they’re making, but…”
“In that factory is the Tontatta tribe’s…”
“Hateful, selfish, mean-spirited…”
“Fickle, short-tempered Princess Manshelly”
“We’ve got to hurry!!”
Usopp: “Got nothing nice to say about her?’
Leo: “Nope. But…”
“She’s one of us!!!”
Page 18:
Leo: “Noland helped anyone who was in trouble!!”
Usopp: “Ah!! That’s what a true hero does!! And I’m the same way!!!”
Dwarf: “Leo!! The Donquixote Family members in the palace…”
“Have started to move!! They’re probably heading for the colosseum!!”
“Kabu-san’s “Yellow Kabu” and Bianne’s “Pink Bee””
“Are ready to fly!!”
Leo: “Ok!! Let’s go!!”
“Our battle is on Dressrosa!!!”
“In the basement of the colosseum!! At the “Dark factory”!!!”
Blurb: “Such a place, right below where Luffy’s fighting!?” [/SPOILER]

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