Rispondi a: One Piece 780: Ipotesi e Discussione Spoiler


Credit: Aohige
Source: APF

chapter 780 Spell binding of the Heart
Jinbe – sank the temple back in the ocean near the port.

Few minutes back from the last chapter.

As Law lay there dying, Trebol laughs at how persistent he is.
Dofla tells Law he has no chance against Dofla by himself, let alone both him and Trebol at the same time, just let go.
He then laughs at Law’s wasted 13 years of life.

He offers Law that he’ll grant one wish, any wish, if he performs the immortality surgery right now.
Law laughs and he’ll do it if Dofla can bring back Corazon to life right now, and go kiss the asses of every citizen in this country.

Law tells him that it is infact Doflamingo that doesn’t realize what he has gotten himself into.
Strawhats have done miracles through out their adventure, and there’s no way Doflamingo can stop them. He will never get Ceasar back.
Your future is doomed.

Doflamingo shoots Law several times, pissed at his remarks, at the fact he wears the Corazon symbol on his back, and the fact that he calls his pirates the Heart Pirates even though he refuses to sit on the Heart seat.
Dofla claims the cursed spell Law and Corazon has bound to him will end this day…

Back to the present time

Tank Lepanto follows King Riku to head to the city, as Viola explains to Zoro and others that there’s only 2 enemies left, but one of our own has fallen too…

Luffy leaps to Doflamingo, leaving the defeated Bellamy on the ground.
As Dofla smirks that I freed Bellamy just as I said, didn’t I?, Luffy attacks him with elephant gun.
Dofla stops the attack with a spider web move, and also dodges the following Hawk Gatling.
He uses an attack called White Break, a gigantic strand of strings rising up to crush Luffy.

Luffy dodges the attack and lands near Law’s body.
Law lies there in a pool of blood, as Luffy asks him what happened here.
Law does not answer. Dofla tells Luffy to look at him, isn’t it obvious that he is dead?
Luffy refuses to believe him.

As Luffy sits there near Law in silence, Dofla says Law told him you will show me miracles.
You don’t seem very strong from the fight we just had, but come on, there’s still two of us. Let’s end this game.
– meanwhile, the citizens below notices the birdcage is slowly shrinking…

You bastards!! Luffy screams.
In his mind, Law’s words replays. (Hey Mugiwara, listen…)

End of chapter.

Luffy may be remembering what Law said earlier, or perhaps Law JUST now told him something. We don’t know yet.

OH doh forgot to mention

The Birdcage is slowly shrinking in the last page.