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Immagini del capitolo: Confermate

Riassunto del capitolo: Confermato

Chapter 506: Roger and Raleigh
Coverstory: The day to leave the hospital

Bepo is taking out the marines gracefully.
Bepo: You’re new, so you’re under me, ok!?

Law and company arrives where Kid is at too.
Kid is already getting ready to fight Kuma.
Law: …It seems today is the day where I keep coming across unexpected big shots.
I don’t want to come across an Admiral either, you will let us through, Bartholomew Kuma!

The scene changes to the Strawhats. They arrive at the rip-off Bar.
Everyone’ surprised to learn that Raleigh was Roger’s first mate. Sanji asks “Why didn’t you get caught?”

Raleigh: Roger wasn’t caught… he gave himself in. The World Government may have released to the public as if they had caught him, just to show their strength to the world. About 4 years before that day of execution….Roger was diagnosed with an incurable disease.
Even the mighty Roger suffered greatly at the disease that no one could cure or delay. But then, Crocus of the Twin Point, who was both a renouned lighthouse keeper and a doctor, knew the way to ease the pain. We asked him to come with us for our last sail, and 3 years later, while maintaining Roger’s life… we finally achieved what was said to be impossible: The completion of Grand Line.

Sanji: And after you conquered the seas..?
Raleigh: The story starts from there… Roger was called the Pirate King by everyone by then… he wasn’t always a Pirate King… A title such as that has no meanings to a man who is going to die. But… Roger was happy. He was a man that liked tok make a big show out of everything. He did so with partying, he did so with battles. He seemed to be enjoying even his futureless fate, as part of life.
Eventually by the Captain’s order, the Roger pirates disbanded, and everyone were separated. One after another, they dissapeared.
I don’t even hardly know where the crewmates that we trusted our lives with each other have gone to. And after an year passed after the disbanding… Roger turned himself in, and was arrested… and public execution was announced at his home town of Rogue Town where he was born. That day, in that square.. I hear many young faces of now renounced pirates were to be seen. The whole world was watching the execution of the Pirate King. ….I didn’t go. This is the last words he told me.

Roger: I’m not gonna die you know, partner?

Raleigh: I’m sure both the World Government and the Marines were astonished. The public execution they held as a warning to the other pirates turned into the start of the Great Pirate Age just from the short phrases uttered by Roger!! In the last seconds of his life, he turned a small flame of life that’s about to fade… into a massive firestorm that engulfs the world. I never laughed so hard in my life that day. I also never cried so much than that night… or drank so much. He was my captain, and he lived his life beautifully…!!!

Then, Raleigh talks to Luffy about Shanks.

Meanwhile in Grove 27…. Kizaru is spotted coming riding a cannonball.


Testo dei dialoghi del capitolo: Confermato

page 1: coverstory

page 2:
Marine: Uwaaa!!
Bepo: Aye Aye-!
Marine: Damn, they destroyed the bridge!

Bepo: You’re new, so you’re gonna be under me, ok!?
Jean Bart: As long as I’m not a slave, I don’t care…
crewman: Captain, look at that!

page 3:
Kuma: Trafalgar Law…!!
Law: You know my name….!!

page 4:
Kid: Trafalgar, don’t get in my way!
Law: Do you want to be eliminated? I told you not to tell me what to do.

Law: …It seems today is a day where I keep runing into unexpected big-shots. I don’t want to encounter an Admiral on top of this…
Law: So, you’ll have to let us through, Bartholomew Kuma!!

page 5:
Raleigh: The World Government may have released to the public as if they had caught him, just to show their strength to the world.
Nami: The Pirate King turned himself in!? Why!??
Raleigh: Because we sat the limit to our journey….
Raleigh: About 4 years prior to that day of the execution… Roger caught incurable disease.

page 6:
Raleigh: So you guys met him… he’s still doing fine then!? He was taking care of a whale…
He came on board because he wanted to find a certain pirate group.

Usopp: Brook! It seems he went out to the sea to look for you guys!
Brook: Mr Crocus…

Raleigh: He was a crew member for only 3 years… but he’s defenitely one of us!
At this age… I would like to see him again.

Sanji: ….And after you conquered the seas, what then?

page 7:
Raleigh: I didn’t go. He’s last words to me was this…
Roger: I won’t “die” you know, partner?

Raleigh: I’m sure both the World Government and the Marines were astonished. Roger turned the public execution they held as a warning to the other pirates, into the start of the Great Pirate Age just with the short phrases he uttered!!

page 8:
Roger: My treasures? If you want them, you can have them. Look for them. I left the entire world there.
Raleigh: In the last seconds of his life, he turned a small flame of life that was about to fade… into a massive firestorm that engulfs the world.

page 9:
Raleigh: You know the pirate name Buggy?
Zoro & Nami: Buggy.
Raleigh: Both of them were training on our ships
Luffy: What!!! Shanks was on the Pirate King’s ship!?
Raleigh: Oh, he didn’t tell you?

Raleigh: about (blurry scan) years ago, I came across him (Shanks) on this island.
He had lost both his trademark strawhat and his left arm.
Raleigh: I asked him about it, and he told me about you in excitement.

Shanks: Mr Raleigh, I was shocked!! In East Blue… I found a kid that said the same thing Captain Roger did!!
Those same words captain said!!

page 10:
Pirate?A: Anywhere is fine!! Sail out the ship!!
Pirate?B: They shot the cannons!!
Pirate?A: No way!? Without warning!?
Pirate?B: No wait, something is wrong with one… ….!!
Pirate?B: There’s a person riding it!!!
Pirate?A: !!?

page 11:
Kizaru: Oh- This is- Kizaru.
Oh-, I’ve arrived- so please reply

Traduzione italiana dialoghi: Confermata

Pag.1: CoverStory

Marine: Uwaaa!!
Bepo: Aye Aye-!
Marine: Dannazione, hanno distrutto il ponte!

Bepo: Sei nuovo, quindi sei sotto di me, ok!?
Jean Bart: Dal momento che non sono più uno schiavo, non m’importa…
Crewman: Capitano, dia un’occhiata qui!

Kuma: Trafalgar Law…!!
Law: Conosci il mio nome….!!

Kid: Trafalgar, non intralciarmi!
Law: Vuoi essere eliminato? Ti ho detto di non dirmi quello che devo fare.

Law: …Sembra che oggi sia il giorno in cui incontro tutti i pezzi grossi. Non è mia intenzione vedermela anche con un Ammiraglio…
Law: Quindi, ci farai passare, Bartholomew Kuma!!

Raleigh: Quelli del Governo Mondiale potrebbero aver fatto venire a galla quella versione per fargli credere che sono stati loro a catturarlo, solo per mostrare la loro forza al resto del mondo.
Nami: Il Re dei Pirati si è consegnato a loro!? Perchè!??
Raleigh: Perchè avevamo raggiunto il limite del nostro viaggio….
Raleigh: All’incirca 4 anni prima del giorno dell’esecuzione… Roger fu colpito da una malattia incurabile.

Raleigh: Quindi voi ragazzi l’avete incontrato… sta ancora facendo bene il suo lavoro quindi!? Si stava prendendo cura di una balena…
Lui salì a bordo perchè voleva trovare una certa ciurma di pirati.

Usopp: Brook! Sembra che lui abbia viaggiato per mare in cerca di voi!
Brook: Sig. Crocus…

Raleigh: E’ stato un membro della nostra ciurma per soli 3 anni… ma è uno dei nostri in tutto e per tutto!
A quest’età… Mi piacerebbe incontrarlo ancora.

Sanji: ….E dopo che avete conquistato i mari, cosa avete fatto?

Raleigh: Io non ci andai. Le ultime parole che mi rivolse furono…
Roger: Io non “morirò”, giusto amico mio?

Raleigh: Sono sicuro che sia il Governo Mondiale che i Marines erano sbalorditi. Roger volle che si tenesse quest’esecuzione pubblica per lanciare un segnale agli altri pirati, fu così che iniziò la Grande Era della Pirateria solo da quelle poche parole che farfugliò!!

Roger: Il mio tesoro? Se lo volete, è vostro. Cercatelo. E’ qui da qualche parte nel mondo.
Raleigh: Negli ultimi istanti della sua vita, trasformò la fievole fiammella della sua vita… in un enorme tempesta di fuoco che avvolse il mondo.

Raleigh: Conoscete il pirata di nome Buggy?
Zoro & Nami: Buggy.
Raleigh: Tutti e due lavoravano sulla sua nave come mozzi
Luffy: Cosa!!! Shanks era sulla nave del Re dei Pirati!?
Raleigh: Oh, non te l’aveva raccontato?

Raleigh: All’incirca (scan troppo scura) anni fa, mi sono incontrato con lui (Shanks) su quest’isola.
Aveva perso sia il suo cappello di paglia che il braccio sinistro.
Raleigh: Gli chiesi cosa gli fosse successo, e mi parlo di te tutto eccitato.

Shanks: Sig. Raleigh, sono scioccato!! Nel mare orientale… ho incontrato un bambino che mi ha detto le stesse identiche cose che diceva il Capitano Roger!!
Le stesse parole!!

Pirate?A: Nessun posto è sicuro!! Salpate dalla nave!!
Pirate?B: Hanno sparato!!
Pirate?A: Cosa stai dicendo!? Senza avvertirci!?
Pirate?B: No aspetta, c’è qualcosa di strano con una palla di cannone… ….!!
Pirate?B: C’è una persona a bordo!!!
Pirate?A: !!?

page 11:
Kizaru: Oh- Ecco a voi- Kizaru.
Oh-, Sono arrivato- quindi datemi il benvenuto

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