Spoiler One Piece 515

di Cipo 1

Immagini del Capitolo: Confermato

Testo del Capitolo: Confermato

Inside the town
“We got some Sea King meat in today!”
“Fresh fruits from the Jungle, anyone!?”

Luffy’s cell
“He was sleeping for a long time…”
“But I heard he did eat while asleep, did you hear?”
“What do men eat for their main diet? ****?”

After giving Luffy the vest with frills
“I added frills to make it sexy”
“Frills are perfect for dressing up to go out, way to go Margaret!”
“He’s so thankful, he’s shaking!”

After Luffy yells at them for dressing him up girly
“What the!!?”
“Take aim!”
“He’s suddenly gotten violent… that must be his true nature!”
“He’s not even thankful for saving his life, and starts yelling!”

Luffy and Amazoness in battle
Luffy gets hold of Margaret, and tells her
“Sorry, I need to ask you something!!”
“Let me go! help!!”
“No!! Margaret’s been kidnapped!!”

Luffy and Margaret
“They say that men have virus on them!! And do men all suddenly get bloated like that!?”
“I don’t have any virus on me, and whatever, yeah men all get fat suddenly. It’s too much of a bother to try and explain.
Anyways, did you see something in my old pants?”
“This?” pulls out the vivrecard.
“Yeah, this this!! This is it, whew!!
Without this, I can’t do anything!! Thanks for bringing it with you!!”
“I brought it just in case, because it has some writing on it…”

Margaret and Luffy again
“The serpent princess is the women we all admire. She’s strong, dignified, and is the most beautiful woman in the world!!
Pirate empress Boa Hancock… This country is protected by her and her two younger sisters.”

Amazons seeing through the binoculars
“Oh no!! Serpent princess’ ship is almost here!!”
“That man seems to have jumped down to the jungle afterall!”
“This is not good… we have to take care of the man right away!”
“Warriors! To the Jungle!! Slay the man, and save Margaret!! The serpent princesses have returned!!!”


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