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Ecco lo spoiler :sisi:

Credit: Redon
Source: APF

[SPOILER]Chapter 711: Adventures in the land of the Dwarfs

– Robin passed out and has been caught by the Dwarfs.
– The Dwarfs showed their face.
– They searched her whole body.
– Robin woke up and scared them.
– The Dwarfs trusted Robin easily because she said she won’t hurt them and won’t tell anyone.
– The Dwarfs asked Robin to give them weapons.
– Robin said she didn’t have weapons. They didn’t believe her and then attacked her.
– A dwarf stopped them and said the other man they caught is hero and Robin is his friend. Another achievement by our lord of lies Usopp.

– Zoro ran with the dwarf named Wicca who stole his sword.
– She told Zoro she have to notice captain the whereabouts of Donquixote Family first and they are about to attack Thousand Sunny(Nami, Brook, Chopper and Momonosuke).

– Rebecca saw the toy soldier run with Franky.
– It seems that there is a love story between Rebecca and the toy soldier.

– 2 mins left until exchange at south east beach, Sanji urgently called Law and asked he to leave Green Bit as soon as possible and said Dolfamingo did not quit the Shichibukai.
– At this moment Dolfamingo came from the sea and already sighted beach.
– At the same time Fujutora asked all forces to leave for south east beach.
– Sanji: Hurry up!
Law: Damn it! It’s too late!

End of chapter.

No chapter next week. Chapter 712 will be out on June 26. [/SPOILER]