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Chapter 609: Adventure in Fishman Island
Jinbei and the Fishmen Pirates left the island.
Three Prince of the Neptune Army, came from the Ryuuguu Palace (Ryuuguujou, the Dragon Palace, is a fairy tale underwater palace in Japanese folklore) looking for the Strawhat Pirates
Sanji nosebleeds to near death, Chopper tells everyone he needs blood

Both the fishmen and mermaids refuse to do so, it’s forbidden by law to give blood to humans.
The reason is Fisher Tiger.
When Fisher Tiger was wounded and lost his blood, humans refused to give blood to him, and even though the wound was easily treatable, he died as a result of it.

The New Fishmen Pirates leader’s name is Hodi (Hoodie?) Jones.

Full Script

Chapter 609: Adventure in Fishman Island

Sanji: I’m gonna LIVE HERE!!!
Luffy: I’m so jealous you guys can swim
Camie: Luffy-chin can swim too, if you put on the bubble
Luffy: Really!?
Usopp (talking about Sanji): Looks like he’s back to himself after all. It must be his sheer will…
Chopper: I’m glad!! If he keeps bleeding like that, I’m out of stock on blood. Sanji’s blood type is a rare one.
Luffy: Hey Camie, there’s someone I want to see on this island!
Camie: Oh really? Who? The mermaid princess?
Luffy: No… Jinbe!

[Fishman Island: Kingdom of Ryugu]

Camie: boss Jinbe?
Luffy: Two years ago, when Ace died… The reason why I wasn’t broken is because of him! I wanna see Jinbe!
Usopp: Hey Luffy, by Jinbe you mean the “Flotta dei Sette” Jinbe!? I mean former “Flotta dei Sette”
Luffy: Yeah, he’s my friend
Usopp: What!? What the hell is up with you!

Jinbe flashback: We’ll meet 2 years from now on Fishman Island!
I’m looking forward to seeing you and your crew!

Luffy: I promised to see him on this island
Camie: Oh yeah, I remember reading a news article about Luffy-chin and boss Jinbe being together!
Luffy: Where’s Jinbe?
Camie: Ummm…. boss isn’t on this island anymore.
Luffy: What!?
Camie: You know how he quit “Flotta dei Sette” at the war?
So he and Fishman Pirates can’t stay on this island anymore, so they all left this place along with boss Jinbe
Luffy: Whaaaaat!!? So I can’t see Jinbe!?
Camie: If I go into details, it’d be a long story, but… after the war, there was a lot of changes to this island, and…

little mermaids: Camie!!
1: Ship’s coming!
2: might be coming!
3: The Kingdom’s ship is coming!
4: Maybe no one’s on it!
5: of course there is!!

Camie: Who’s on them? tadpole-chans?
1: dunno!
2: the Kingdom’s ship, rarely seen!
3: the ship you don’t see ‘round here very often!
4: maybe they came to catch Luffy for illegally entering!

Luffy: What!?
Camie: Luffy-chin, you gotta hide!

A ship resembling a snake appears

Camie: That is… a Royal Gondola!
1: Really, I knew it
2: yeah
3: no not really!
4: yeah, probably
5: so what if it is!?
mermaid: But it can’t be one of the royalty, could it?
They wouldn’t come to the outskirts like here all the way from Ryugu Palace
?: Hail, the Neptune three Brothers are passing!
?: Hello, the daughters of the inlet… I have a question for you.

Mermaids: Kyaaa!!! It’s the Princes! Why are you here!?
Luffy: ?
Usopp: Prince?
Chopper: ?
Mermaid: Sanji-chan, stay put and hide, ok?
Sanji: ….!!!!!!!! (trying to contain himself. Perhaps buried under all the mermaids?)

[The three Neptune Brothers of Ryugu Kingdom]

Oldest brother Fukaboshi (Mermaid of Fuka [Another name for shark in Japanese])
Fukaboshi: We’ve gotten reports of illegally entered aliens, have they come here?

Second oldest brother Ryuboshi (Mermaid of Ryugu no Tsukai [Oarfish])
Ryuboshi: If they’re here, let me know mi-fa-so-ra-si-do-***9834;
If they’re not here, oh well mi-re-do-***9834;

Third brother Manboshi (Mermaid of Manbou [Ocean sunfish])
Manboshi: Akkamanbo-***9834; Whooa! Me wanna play ‘ere too!

Mermaid:, we haven’t seen any here…Are they people of such importance?
To the point the Prince comes all the way here themselves!?
Fukaboshi: Hmm… well, it’s not certain they are the ones I seek, but…
Ryuboshi: not certain mi-re-do-***9834;
Manboshi: lets dance Akkamanbo-***9834;

The fishmen watch the ruckus from afar

Hammond: What’s all that ruckus over there?
….!? Those are the three of the strongest of the Neptune Army!
Why are they here…!? This could be trouble

Fukaboshi: Hm…. I see, thank you very much. We’ll look elsewhere…. I guess the border patrol made a mistake..
I’m sorry to bother you in your fun.
Mermaid: Oh, don’t worry about it

Sanji: ……!!!!
Sanji is shaking, then spews insane amount of nose blood

Chopper: SANJI—!!!!!!!
Mermaid: Kyaaaaaa!! Sanji!!!!
Luffy: That amount of bleeding can’t be good!! Sanji!
Usopp: Oh no, his suppressed excitement all just exploded!
Fukaboshi: They… they are it, no mistake about it! Pirate Straw Hat Luffy!! Ammo Knights!
Ammo Knights: Yes sir!
(Obviously a pun on Ammonites, ancient shells)

Hammond: Hey, they’re there after all! It’s the Straw Hats!
?: Let’s capture them first!
?: But fighting the Neptune Army here is a bad idea!

Chopper: Please hold on!
I’m sorry we entered illegally! But before you capture us… please wait!
Before you do… please, can anyone give us blood!
If I leave him like this, my crew mate will die within the hour!
The blood type is type S RH…. it’s a little rare! But… does anyone here have it!?
Or is fishmen and mermaids different blood than humans!?
Luffy: Hey, please! Anyone! Please give blood to Sanji!
Chopper: Please hurry, is there anyone!?
Usopp: This is the stupidest way to die… please, anyone!?

Camie: Chopper-chin! Mermaids and fishmen have the same blood as humans! They can share blood! But….
Chopper: ?
Hammond: Hamohamohamo!!! The humans are speaking nonsense!!!
No one in the Fishman Island is stupid enough to give blood to shitty sub-par race like you humans!!
If any of them do, they’ll receive punishment in the dark from those who hate the human race!!
Luffy: It’s him!! The one who was leading those sea monsters!
Camie dives in to the sea
Usopp: Huh!? Camie!!
Ammo Knight: Prince Fukaboshi!! It’s Hammond from the Fishman Town!
Hammond: Let those blood flow, and die helpless!!
There’s a law in this nation from long ago…. Giving Blood to humans is outlawed!!
Usopp: …What did you say!?
Hammond: This rule was more or less set by YOU humans!
You always feared us as monsters throughout the long history…. and you refused the mixing of blood!!
The hero of the Fishman Island, Fisher Tiger’s case is one such example!!!
Luffy: Huh?
Hammond: The man who risked his life saving slaves of ALL races….!!
later day, died easily after a battle… which could have been easily prevented had he given blood….
Because of those heartless humans who refused to give him blood… he died!!!

Hammond: Just give up on your crew and come with us to the Fishman Town!!
New Fishman Pirate Captain Hodi Jones is calling for you!
Usopp: Hey… I don’t care if it’s against the law, please! Can anyone help!?
We’ll do anything to repay! For now, please save this man’s life!
Hammond: I’ll bring you to him by force….!! Trawl Net!!!

Luffy: I said, I’m not going to listen to you guys….!!! JET Pistol!!
Luffy takes out Hammond and his two lackeys

Usopp: Luffy, a sea monster behind you!!
Luffy looks back and stares
Sea Monster: !!!!!
Usopp: The Sea monster…. admitted defeat without fighting…!?
Mermaid: Wow!? Luffy-chan is amazing!
Fukaboshi: Splendid, just as expected…!
Camie: Luffy-chin!!

Camie is on the ship Fukaboshi came on
Camie: Get Sanji-chin on! Let’s go to the town!
Usopp: Camie!
Camie: There’s a lot of humans in the dock of the town!! Please hurry!
Ammo Knights: Hold up!! The Ryugu is the Princes’ ship…
Camie: I’m sorry! Once we save Sanji-chin, we’ll return it!
LUffy: Alright, we’re on Camie! Go!
Camie: Please Ryugu-chin!! Take us to the town!
I’m sorry, if my blood type was the same, I wouldn’t refuse to give!
Usopp: You don’t have to apologize!! It’s all because of this idiot’s perverted mind
Look at him. He’s still slightly smiling.
Chopper: Sanji!!! Get hold of yourself!! Stop thinking!! Every second counts you know!
Usopp: That racism you were subjected to two years ago at Sabaody, and this… looks like the wounds are quite deep.
Never thought a perverted nosebleed could lead to serious situation
Camie: I’m worried that even if we get to the town, we might have trouble! I don’t know if we can find a matching donor…
We haven’t had new comers this whole month…!! Luffy-chin are the first in a while
Luffy: How come? Isn’t this a popular tourist scoop?
Camie: Yeah, you mean popular tourist spot, yes.
I don’t know… the rumor is someone is blocking the sailing..
There’s a big rumor circulating that there’s some deep conspiracy behind all this…

Fukaboshi: This is troublesome, ladies… why were you hiding the pirates?
Mermaid: I’m sorry Prince Fukaboshi… they were friends of Camie, and…
if they’re not bad people, we felt sorry for them if they were to be captured for illegal entry..
I hope Sanji-chan is alright..
Fukaboshi: That’s your misunderstanding, they are famous pirates.
We don’t mind if they don’t go through the entry formalities…. we know their identities fairly well
Ryuboshi: The reason we were looking for them is for something else re-mi-fa-***9834;
Mermaid: …oh I see..
Fukaboshi: We couldn’t give them the message from Jinbe either….