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Part 3
[SPOILER]雷影『ここに来る道中で はたけカカシと九尾の人柱力のガに会った
まだこの鉄の国にいるかもしれん… まずはこの国から探してみろ』
Raikage: Along the way here I met Hatake Kakashi and the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. They are probably still here in the Land of Iron…you should search this land first.
Gaara: Understood.
Mifune: …
Choojuurou: U…um…may I say something?
Raikage: What?
長十朗『あ…ハイ… あの…その…』
Choojuurou: Y…yes…Um…so…
Raikage: Come out and say it!
長十朗『あ…”暁”にはまだ ボク7と同じ 忍刀七人衆の
干柿鬼鮫がいます… その人は…人柱力並のチャクラ量と…
…七人衆の刀の中でも最悪な”鮫肌”を持っていて… 刀と融合すると人間でありながら
人柱力に近い力を発揮する 尾をもたない尾獣だって…先輩達から聞きました
あいつは特別だって… 決してなめないほうが…』
Choojuurou: A…among the Akatsuki, is one of us of the 7 Swordsman, Hoshigake Kisame…that man…has the chakra capacity equal to that of a Jinchuuriki…and among the 7 swordsman, wielded Samehada, a terrible sword…if he fuses with his sword he can utilize power comparable of a Jinchuuriki as well. Like a bijuu without a tail…from what I heard from my senpai, he was a special one…By no means, do not underestimate him…
土影『そんな事は分かっとる! それより…本当にそれでええのか?
マダラの操るであろう 七体の尾獣の力は未知じゃぜ…
もし八尾と九尾を拘束して ワシら忍連合軍が二人を守ったところで…
その連合軍が全滅しては意味がない  だったらじゃぜ…
はなから二人を参戦させ 忍連合軍と協力戦を仕掛けた方が有利だと思うがの』
Tsuchikage: We know that! More than that…is that really ok? Madara is pulling the strings right. The power of the 7 bijuu is not yet known to us…if we restrain the Hachibi and Kyuubi, and the place where we, the allied forces are protecting those two…if we are to be annihilated, there would be no meaning. I think it would be to our benefit if the allied forces used those two at the tip of this war.
Raikage: …
Mifune: I wonder about that.
Tsuchikage: ?
ミフネ『今ここに世界初の忍連合軍が出来つつある その力もまた未知数…
マダラが七体の尾獣の力を使用するにもリスクがあるハズだ でなければ
ここへ来てわざわざ交渉を持ちかけたりはしない 向こうにも不利な条件があるのでござろう
それにこの戦争我々侍も参戦する! 土影殿…これでもまだ心配事がおありか?』
Mifune: This is the first time an allied force has been able to come about. This power is again not yet known…there is certain risk that Madara will use the power of the 7 bijuu. He won’t come here to make negotiations and it would not be in his favor to make such terms, am I right. Besides, we samurai will also participate in this war! Tsuchikage-dono…even with this, do you still have reservations?
Tsuchikage laughing: Hm.

やっぱさきに行ったんだよ サスケもカリンも オレ達も上に行ってみる?』
While looking at the fallen samurai, Suigetsu: Raikage and Kazekage both seem to have gone up there. As I thought, Sasuke and Karin went up there before them. Shall we go up and take a look?
Juugo: But they’ve probably been warned…we would be found quickly.
水月『ならさ… いい方法があるんだけど…』
Suigetsu: In that case…I have a good plan but…

White Zetsu laying down.
Akatsuchi: What happened to this guy! Gross![/SPOILER]

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Part 4
Master Sabu-chan: Shinobiii~~shinobi~~shinobi weepinggg~~~♪
Master Sabu-chan has samurai hair and a punch-perm (laugh)

眼を大きく開きサブちゃん師匠『ただ歌うんじゃない 演歌とは情を込めた
魂だからよっ!  ホイ!ここまでやってみなよっ!』
Master Sabu-chan, whose eyes are opening wide: That was just singing right, including Enya’s feelings and soul! Hoi! Try it from there!
ビー『ヤア! 忍びー♪忍んでエイエイ♪ 死期延びたアアア~~~』
Bee: Ya! Shinobi–shinobiiii. Postposing our time of deathh~~♪
Bee enduring the ウッエッサイマーク
Unable to endure: Uiiii~~iiiiii~~
Sabu-chan sways along, while Bee awaits his opinion.

歌をなめてないかい?って事になっちゃわないかい? それじゃあよっ!』
Sensing fear, Sabu-chan: You have a passion for being passionless!! You’re not going to sing it all? Is it going to be like that? That’s it then!

Bee, a little surprised: Passion…?
サブちゃん師匠『そう情念よっ! 演歌とは読んで字の如く情念で歌の世界を
演じることが大切よっ! あと小節なっ! もっとこう腹までかまえて鼻で回す
Master Sabu-chan: That’s right, passion! Like the words that make up “Enya”, if you want to be on the same level of passion in the world of music, performing is important! And then embellishment! More, from the nose all the way to the stomach turn those feelings!
サブちゃんペットのポン太 何かを感じる  ポン太は大きいアライグマみたい
Sabu-chan’s pet Pon’oo* senses something. Pon’oo* is is big and looks like a badger.
Master Sabu-chan: What’s wrong Pon’oo*?
[TN: ポン太 is the name of the dog. But I’m not sure what the reading for the 太 is, so for now, I will just refer to him as Pon’oo which could be a possible reading until a better picture or the furigana for his name is released]

Snow falling, Naruto sits in meditation.
ナルト(今まで通りやってたら サスケ探しても見つかりっこねエ…
仙人モード使うしかねーってばよ… まずは持続時間上げねーと!)
Naruto: (If I continue doing what I have been doing until now, even is I search and look for Sasuke, it’s of no use…there’s no choice but to use Sennin mode…first I must raise the duration time!
Also there, Yamato: Naruto, come back in soon!
Naruto goes into Sennin mode: !
Kakashi: …

Kiba: We’ve finally found you!
Naruto: Saku-chan…! Sai and Kiba…fuzzy eyebrows even.
Kakashi: Why did you guys come here?
Yamato: ?
サクラ『ナルト… アンタに話があるの…』
Sakura: Naruto…I have something I need to talk to you about…
Naruto: …?[/SPOILER]

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Part 5
Master Sabu-chan: Who are you!?
ビー『”暁”って奴らだ サブちゃん師匠
Bee: It’s Akatsuki Master Sabu-chan. It will take some of your personal time, but there’s no way around it, let’s terminate him quickly.
鬼鮫『ずいぶんと探しましたよ 八尾
私の大刀”鮫肌”は強いチャクラが大好きでしてね おいしそうな
悪いですが この”鮫肌”のエサになってもらいますよ
Kisame: It took a while to find you Hachibi. My blade Samehada likes strong chakra. Seems delicious, the smell of your chakra, and to finally get the chance to taste it…Sorry but I’ll have you become fish bait for my Samehada. But of course I won’t kill you.

Killer Bee VS Kisame!!


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Kisame’s comment, as far as I can see.

(the second and third bubble sticking to each other):
My weapon likes strong Chakra, finally managed to hunt down some tasty Chakra…

(Fourth bubble):
I’m sorry but please become food for “___”(Samehada speaks?)

(Fifth bubble):
I wont kill though.

The text wasn’t very clear, due to the angles Crimson posted in, so appologies for any confusion:icon_smile: