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English Translation
(flashback Ace): Did you know? We drink from each other’s cup, and we become sworn brothers!
From today on…. we are brothers!

WB Commander: You gotta be kidding me!!
WB COmmander: Ace….!!

Crowd: “Fire Fist” Ace is dead!!

Ivankov: Strawhat Boy!!! (This is bad!!! He’s mentally broken…!! His life is now in danger!!)
Jinbei: !!! Huh!?
Curiel: Watch out, it’s Akainu!!
Akainu: And it’s your turn, Strawhat!!!

Marco: You can’t have his life!!
Pirates: Commander Marco!
Marco: Take Ace’s brother, Jinbei!!
Jinbei: Understood!
Marco: His life…. is “Ace’s will” that still lives on!! We’ll protect him in place of Ace, I swear it!!!
If you let him die, consider it a shame on the entire Whitebeard Pirates!!!
Jinbei: Luffy, get a hang of yourself!!
Pirates: UOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Akainu: I told you already…. I won’t let either of you two brothers get away…!!!

Marine: Admiral Akainu!!! Watch out!!!

Whitebeard pwnage
Akainu: Gah!!!!! *cough blood*
Pirate: Oh man, Pops is pissed…!!!! EVERYONE GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!

Pirates: Oh god!! Pops!!!
Akainu: “Meigou”!! (Hellhound)

Marines: Whoaaaaa!!!! It’s crashing down…. The Marine HQ is crashing down!!!!
Akainu: *cough* Damn you…!!! WHITEBEARD!!!!!
Marines: Admiral Sakazuki!!!

Marines: Uwaaaa!!!
Pirates: Don’t fall, grab on to me!!

Pirates: Pops….no…!!!

Pirates: Damn, we got completeliy separated from Pops!!
Marines: The plaza’s split in two!!! The pirates are on the other side!!
Pirates: Pops!!!!!
Sengoku: He still has this much power, even after losing half his face…!!
Whitebeard: I’m not through yet!!

Pirate: Pop!!! Ace!!!
Pirate: Mourn when you get back to the ship!! Hurry, aboard the ship!!!
Pirate: Any ship that moves, move it to the edge of the bay!!
Hancock: Salome! I’m sorry worried about Luffy!!!
Salome: shaa! shaaa!!

Marine: Hey, look…. what is that!!! There’s something in the shadow of the HQ fortress!!!
???: hey, they found us
Marine: What!? He… it can’t be….
Marine: Not just that!!! Who’s up there on the execution stand!!
???: oh, they finally noticed us
Sengoku: You…!!? How did you get here!?
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffu!!!! This is awesome!!! We got a great guest here!!
Whitebeard: Damn you….!!!

Marine: Blackbeard Pirates!?
Blackbeard: Long time no see!!! I’m glad I got here in time to see you die, Pops!!!
Whitebeard: Teach….!!![/SPOILER]