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ehm non c è il topic ma io ho uno spoiler del 610 che dovrebbe essere confermato visto che di ohana/aohige quindi posto qui…al max spostate qnd aprite il nuovo topic spoiler

[SPOILER]Source: AP Forums
Credit: Aohige_AP and ohana
Status: Confirmed

610 Fortune Teller Madame Shirley
Cover is Vivi cleaning the bathing room of the palace

Sanji wakes up in Camie’s friend’s house (Madame Shirley)
Sanji tries to remember why he was unconcious, but Luffy and Usopp stop him from doing so in order to prevent another bleeding
The ones to give him blood are okama mermaids.
Sanji foams at his mouth at the sight

Chopper finds there are poisoned injury on Luffy’s arm
But realizes Luffy has antibiotics against the poison
Luffy explains it’s because of hell he went through in Impel Down
Luffy says the poison most likely comes from the ocotopus swordsman
(New Fishman Pirates Aassassin Hyozou – Poisoneous Blue Ringed Octopus Mermaid)
He comments that the swordsman is quite strong

Hyozou appears near the mermaid inlet
A scream is heard from the inlet
The scream is from a mermaid named Ishley, and other mermaids seem worried
A barrel is seen…. to open or not to open…

Madame Shirley (Mermaid Cafe Store Manager, mermaid of Shortfin Mako Shark) is worried about the Blondie kid (Sanji)
Camie tells her to keep it a secret from Sanji that this is located in the backroom of the Mermaid Cafe, or he’ll bleed again
Luffy finds an orb coated with shells, and asks what it is
Camie tells him it’s used for fortune telling
Madame says she stopped fortune telling

Luffy asks her if Mermaids poop
Usopp: What the hell does that have to do with fortune telling!?
Madame is upset at Luffy’s lack of manners
Camie asks Luffy to apologize, and Luffy does

Madame tells her to take a day off and show them around the island
Camie starts worrying about feeding Pappag
They head outside, and Camie tells Luffy and co the fortunes Madame has accurately foretold
The coming of the Pirate Age, the death of Whitebeard, etc
They come to the front of Mermaid Cafe. Luffy asks if they have meat
Camie explains that mermaids don’t eat meat or fish. She explains the menu of clams
The entrance opens… and Brook and Pappag shows up
Looks like they’ve been enjoying the cafe ahead of everyone
Pappag tells them they’ll show them this place later, for now let’s go eat some Sea monster meat

They pick up a taxi. Near it is a wanted poster for van der Decken.
He wears a hat, and looks like a monster with sharp teeth
Inside the taxi, the overview of Fishman island is explained.
The kingdom, the mermaid princess, King Neptune, etc
As they look out the taxi, they see mermaids walking on split legs.
Pappag explains what happens when fishman and mermaid marries

Luffy spots a pirate jolly roger (What’s most notable on the flag is huge lips, that resemble Lola’s). The flag belongs to one of the Yonkou, “Big Mom”
They explain that Big Mom has been protecting the island after Whitebeard is gone
They arrive at Gyoverly Hills, a city of celebrities
(Gyo = fish, a Fishman Island Beverly Hills)

Meanwhile, Madame Shirley is panicking
She sees the future! The Fishman Island is going to be destroyed by Straw Hat Luffy!

The end[/SPOILER]