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[SPOILER]Gaara’s Absolute Defense crushed !

556 : Gaara Vs Mizukage.

TrollKage : Dammit, I keep telling you my weaknesses and still … Seriously guys …
NinA : Even though, you’re way too strong.
Gaara : *panting*
Gaara : ( It’s not really water, it looks closer to oil. When I guard with sand, the sand gets to heavy and crumbles from being wet )
MK : Tell me. Why did you guys went to Muu earlier. It’s obvious that the best strategy is to gang up on the
stronger one.

Gaara : And so we did.
MK : Yeah, right. Look as hard as you want, it’s obvious I’m the stronger one here. Muu just look like a dying Mummy to me, and nothing else.

Gaara : Someone taught me to judge a book by its cover. You are strong, indeed.
MK : Humm … the clam you actually see is one big Genjutsu, okay ? It’s a mirage, I told you that right ?
Soooooooo, that means physicals attacks are useless, right ? Then hurry the fuck up, find the real clam and destroy it, DAMMIT !
Oh, but heeey … you’re from Suna, right ?

Gaara : I’m not the talking type. I let my sand do the talking and find the clam.

Oonoki : Now ! ( prepare a Dust Release )

MK : So you’re using the sand’s physical perception, right ? I excpected more of an Absolute Defense.
Even though, it would mean you’d be a good opponent to me.
Okay, so, can you guys please kill me so I can call it a life ?

Oonoki : ( Dammit, I went way overboard when I fought Muu-sama, not enough chakra. )
No most dust releases ! If it came to this, I just have to confront him directly. )

Oonoki goes to the clam.

Oonoki : Doton – Boulder Punch Technique !
Oonoki’s hand turn into stone as he punches the clam.

As Oonoki hits the clam, the real Mizukage can be seen.

Oonoki : !

MK : lil’ Oonoki, you’d have to hit harder than that. I see you’re not using Dust Release. Stamina problem ?

Oonoki : The youngster you used to call “kid” has changed. Doton – Super Weighting Rock Jutsu !

Oonoki fists gets bigger and bigger as he hits the clam harder.

Oonoki : I did it.

Gaara : The Genjutsu is no more !

Oonoki : Guaaaaah ! My fist !!

MK : And you’re the Tsuchikage ?

Gaara hides his sand underground.
Oonoki : guh …

MK : You’re wasting your time. It’s not something an old far with a back problem can do.
It’s good you’re hitting hard. Hit too hard and your going to suffer like hell. And … Aw, crap ! Run away !
Hozuki Clan’s Water Pistol Technique.

MK’s hand turns into a thing that looks like a gun.

NinA : Over here ?
NinB : Hurry up, guys. Let’s go.

MK fires Water Bullets from his fingertips.
Oonoki is badly hit.

MK : Hey look, moron ! What did I told you ? You’re being rash with that back of yours.
Gaara’s sand protect Oonoki.

Oonoki : Thanks a bunch, Kazekage.

Gaara’s sand turns solid again.

MK : The Sand’s Eye ? Thanks to that you kept watching Oonoki, good.
( When the Clam got hit, he did a Sand Clone ) I’m the real deal now. ( This sand dude, he does nothing without reason )

MK : ( This battle was getting quite fun, too bad )

Gaara : Desert’s Great Sand Funeral !
Gaara’s sand take the form of a pyramid and gather around Mizukage.[/SPOILER]

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