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[SPOILER][Part 1]
None of the marines are talking except Sengoku

The mother’s name was Portgas D Rouge
They made a plan in order to spare the baby’s life (it shouldn’t be known that it’s Roger’s kid)
And the birth was delayed to an extreme
For that reason Ace’ mother died after giving birth to the child

Roger begged of Garp from face to face to spare the child’s life since it’s not to be blamed for anything

[Part 2]
We get to see Luffy and allies for a short moment at the Gate of Justice but there’s a change of scenery shortly afterwards

Maybe Sengoku knows everything about the affair from Garp?
(Since an important looking old woman says directed to him “It’s not your fault”)

They definitely want to perform the execution even though they weren’t able to catch the other troublemakers yet, says Sengoku

When they hear the whole story about Ace the assembled marines are swept off their feet by surprise.

So, it’s become clear that Luffy and Ace aren’t brothers of the same blood…

[Part 3]
Rouge has already died I think. Nevertheless there’s a pic of her but we can only see her hair because her face is all black (shadow figure)

We get to see Akainu-san once but he also doesn’t say a word

[Part 4]
The chapter title is “Marine Headquarter”
Cover story is Usopp drinking and partying at Boin island together with the hercules beetle guy

The island of the marine headquarters is shaped like a crescent with the Shichibukai at front
In front of the execution platform (scaffold maybe?) there are 100.000 marines
On top of the execution platform there are the strongest of all marines, the three admirals. Observing each and everyone.

I think, they were also writing minutes.

[Part 5]
Didn’t Whitebeard manage to come any closer?
Seems like they noticed that one after another of the ships that supervised Whitebeard’s didn’t return

But the spectators ain’t people from all around the world, it seems? Looks like they have some picture transmitting thing like a TV
We see some peasant (or so) at some bar watching via one of those things

Apparently that guy starts like “Oh, Ace’s comin’ out” while watching

This time I also think that there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on, it’s quite well-written

Let’s wait for some pic spoilers later on (Smoker should also be among those 100.000 marines since he got called up to attend. But it might also be that only people close to marines get to watch by those transmitters…)

Well, later then~[/SPOILER]
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