Reply To: One Piece 537: Solo Spoiler


Fonte: Arlong Park
Credits: Da_Pingunator
Stato: Confermato

[spoiler]Translation from Da_Pingunator (AP):

Saint in hell (not quite sure if this is the right translation… it can also mean dead spirits, buddha)
10 hours pass and Bon Kurei wakes up finding many okamas (fags/poofs) surrounding him
seems like they’ re in an underground water tunnel deep into level 5. 5 new comers. (just says 5 new comers as a seperate sentence =/)
Iwa-san’s eyes look like eyes from a ‘Matsuyama Kenichi movie’, they look like eyes of a death metal star. (don’t know how matsuyama kenichi is, i’m assuming he’s some bad ass heavy metal rock star or something)
Iwa-san deflects a bullet that he aims on himself with a wink (i’m assuming he asked someone to shoot him to show his skills?)
Iwa-san says that Luffy is already in his healing process but will take at least another 2 days[/spoiler]

Fonte: Arlong park
Credits: da_pingunator
Stato: Confermato

[spoiler]also from AP by doflamingo_37

In addition to what was just added: (don’t know how true this is sounds more like a joke haha)
Iwa-san was injecting himself with some ‘male’ hormone needles (i’m assuming hormone modification needles of some sort) but whilst doing so said ‘woman hormones.’ After saying this and injecting himself his face and body became a woman. EL HO EL !

In addition:
Sorry made a mistake there weren’t many okama’s there (not my mis-translation but whoever wrote the spoiler)[/spoiler]