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Aohige’s translation of Ohana’s script:
[SPOILER]Chapter 583: Final Destination for the Uncertain

Dadan tells Luffy she’ll give him food and water, but if he wants meat he’s gonna have to get it himself.
She also makes Luffy do errands in the house

Ace is off to somewhere
Luffy goes after luffy, abandoning his errands
Ace comes back to the house first
Luffy comes back to the house a week later, all beat up

But Luffy goes after Ace every day month after month.
After three month or so, he arrives at the Gray Terminal, where there’s heaps of trash.

Sabo is sitting on top of the tree nearby
Ace calls Sabo up
Ace and Sabo are doing crooked things to save up hidden savings for piracy
Luffy arrives and tells them he’s gonna be a pirate too
Luffy now knows Sabo and Ace’s secret
Ace and Sabo ties Luffy to a tree and tries to kill him, but can’t (they’ve never killed anyone yet)

A large man who Ace stole the money from appears, and is looking for Ace
Luffy is caught by the man, and asks for help

The large man asks Luffy if he knows Ace, and he answers yes
He then asks where the money is, but Luffy tells him he doens’t know (Luffy is terrible at lying)

The man tells Luffy well then, I’ll make you remember, and takes him away

Will Ace & Sabo save Luffy or not?
End of chapter[/SPOILER]
Spoiler Pics thanks to opbbs