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Pirate: Commander Jozu!! You still alive, right? Let’s go together…. Whoa!!
Blenheim!! Come carry Joz for us!!

Ivankov: Strawhat Boy!! What are you standing around for!!
Luffy: Ace!!! Let’s go, respect the old man’s resolve!!
Ace:….!! I know!! I won’t let it go to waste!!

Ace?: Get out of my way, bastards!!
Marines?: Whoaaa!!

Whitebeard: I don’t need any words from you… just tell me one thing, Ace.
Were you satisfied with me…as your father…?
Ace: Of course I was!!!
Whitebeard: Gurarara…

Akainu: “Pirate King” Gold Roger. “The Revolutionarist” Dragon!!
Nether thought that the sons of these two were sworn brothers…!!
Your bloodline is already a grand sin!!! Even if we let anyone else escape… I will not let you two brothers leave!!

Akainu: Watch carefully…..
Ace: …!!! Wait!!! Luffy!!!

Pirates: Watch out!! It’s Akainu!!! Uwaaaa!!!
Akainu: You retreat right away after freeing Ace?
Whitebeard Pirates are full of cowards, are they?
Ah, well, no wonder they are… look at their captain.
Whitebeard is nothing but a “loser” of the previous era.

Luffy: !? Ace!!
Ace: “loser”, you say…..?
Akainu: ?

Ace: Take those words back…!!!
NW captain: No Ace!!! Don’t stop there!!
pirate: Ace!?
Ace: He just insulted pops….!!!

Akainu: Whitebeard is an eternal loser who couldn’t become the “king”, after losing to your real father Roger. Everything I said is true!
He won the respect of nothing but scumbags, having them call him pops, pops… playing a laughable game of “family”….
Ace: stop….!!!

Akainu: He ruled the ocean for decades… yet he never could become a king! He became nothing!!
In the end, he’s stabbed by a fool he calls his son, just because I tricked him.
Now he will die protecting these idiots. What a wonderfully empty life he spent, eh?
Ace: stop….!!!
Commander: Ignore his taunts!! Come back, Ace!!!
Ace: Pops gave us a place to live!! What the hell would you understand about the greatness of him!!
Akainu: Humans don’t deserve to live unless they live in justice!! You pirates don’t deserve a place to live!!

Akainu: “Whitebeard” will die as a loser!!! It’s perfectly fitting for a king of TRASH!!
Ace: Whitebeard is a great pirate that BUILT this era!!!
(Don’t you dare diss the man who saved us!!!)

Ace: The name of this era!!! IS Whitebeard!!!
Luffy: Stop, Ace!!!!

Pirates: Ace!! Ace has…. been burned!?
Akainu: Aren’t you letting your guard down, just because you’re a logia?
You’re just “fire”. But my “Magma” is a fire can burn down your fire!! My ability is completely above yours!!