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[SPOILER]”Ace wanted to make WB the pirate king, but it seems that WB wanted to make Ace the pirate king”
“Roger and Ace’s mother decided to name the child “An” if it was a girl and “Ace” if it was a boy”
“Because they didn’t meet for the first time until Luffy was 3-5, they (he? who?) pretty much knew that they had different blood”
“The Marines figured out who Ace really was 2 years after he left the village but Whitebeard was already protecting Ace(?)”
“Whitebeard opens the Gates of Justice and Luffy and co. are able to get inside”

Very very rough translation, by me. Sorry. Gotta go to work now. Maybe I can slack off and try more there.[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER]I don’t understand Japanese but I can read Chinese spoilers. Here’s some more details about this spoiler I read from a Chinese OP fansite. Hope it helps. Sorry for my English.

XDCover: Usopp grew fat suddenly
Eventhough Ace wants white beard to be the king, white beard seems like he wants Ace to be the king instead.
Ace’s mother and roger decided, if she’s a girl then call her Ann(?), if he’s a boy then call him Ace.
Luffy probably knew Ace wasn’t his brother with blood relationship since when he was 3-5 years old.
2 years after Ace left the village, the Marine has pointed that he is the son of roger, however white beard has been protecting him.
The gate of judgement is open by white beard pirates, so Luffy and his crew may enter.
White beard’s fleet bursts in from there.Shichibukai VS 5-6 pirate captains from the new world.
White beard’s ships and 3 ships with 14 captains(?) comes up from the sea.
One of them step off the ship, white beard looks awesome.

———here’s some dialog———
“Haven’t seen for some decades. Sengoku, how’s my dear son, is he ok?”
Have a look at Ace”Just a little longer…Ace”
The captains of the new world are all with White beard. Don’t expect showing their faces.
Ace’s mother’s face is shown, in Garp’s memory.[/SPOILER]