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506 ガイVSキサメ

ギャグ交りで色々話す ビー お付き 木の葉の人


その隙に キサメ水の中へ


木の葉の誰か 秘術石針!
ガイ援護 木の葉旋風!!
キサメ 水遁 水鮫弾の術!

ガイ倒れるも 俺が止める!
八門遁甲! 第六景門…開!!


ビーの手が大きくなり、その手に載乗るガイ そのまま投げてもらう

ビー倒れる チャクラなくなって。少し休めば回復♪

ナルト足ひねって ヤマトに添え木してもらってる

ガイ 空中で口寄せの術! 亀の背中借りて また飛ぶ。

キサメ 口寄せの術!!鮫が出てくる

キサメ 水遁 千食鮫!! 沢山の鮫が津波のように。。。

ガイ 朝孔雀!!


ガイ 第七驚門(きょうもん)… 開!!”

キサメ 水遁 大鮫弾の術!!

ガイ 昼虎!!

506: Guy vs Kisame

Guy doesn’t know who [Kisame] is.
Various gags are made by B, the retainer [Motoi?], and the Konoha people.

The story of how Samehada went to B.

Kisame uses this oppertunity to go into the water.

“Notice B! Eat his chakra.”
B collapses.

Someone from Konoha: Secret Technique Stone Needle!
Guy covers: Leaf Whirlwind!!
Kisame: Water Release: Water Shark Missile Technique!

Guy collapses too: I will put a stop to this!
Eight Gates Released Formation! Sixth gate, Gate of Brightness… Open!!

Kisame uses this oppertunity to run away.

B’s hand has become big. Guy is picked up by this hand and is thrown away.
B collapses.: I’m out of chakra. I’ll recover with a little rest~♪

Naruto twists his foot. Yamato makes a splint for him.

Guy: Mid-air Summoning Technique! He borrows the back of a turtle and jumps again.

Kisame: Summoning Technique!! A shark comes out.
There Guy appears.
Kisame makes the shark swallow a scroll with information.

Kisame: Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks!! Many sharks come in like a tsunami…

Guy: Morning Peacock!!

The shark tsunami unravels, the many sharks makes it impossible to see which one the scroll shark is.

Guy: Seventh gate, Gate of Fright… Open!!

Kisame: Water Release: Great Shark Missile Technique!!

Guy: Noon Tiger!!

Guy fights hard, ready to die!! Next issue, the conclusion!!