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To clarify it.Posted by Aohige

You know how we didn’t get an Apprentice spoiler last chapter?
Well, actually, we DID. Early Saturday spoiler as a matter of fact.
The spoiler was posted as Apprentice, and the title was times they are A-changin, and the content was accurate.
However, it was posted under a different phone model and ID, and thus was ignored by all.

Now that we know the spoiler was true, the likely story is that Apprentice simply went and got a new phone.

And we just got a new spoiler from the same phone model as the valid one from last week, and the text is very Apprentice signature.
So there’s a good chance that this is valid, HOWEVER, the ID is different yet again, and as usual anyone with the same phone model could fake it.
So we have multiple factors at play here, playing both ways. So take this with a 10tons of grain of salt.
I personally feel about 50/50 on the matter, but hey,
So basically VERIFICATION:unconfirmed leaning towards being true

573話 この時代の名を白髭と呼ぶ

Chapter 573: We will name this era, “Whitebeard”
The pirates are running for the ship. Meanwhile, a hearthwarming interaction between Whitebeard and Ace is shown.
Jozu is unconcious and other pirates are trying to carry him, but he won’t move.
Akainu taunts WB and Ace.
Ace tells Akainu something in line of you crossed the line, and Akainu attacks the weakened Luffy. Ace protects him.
Akainu says even among Logia, there’s are ranks of strength, and his fist penetrates through Ace.
Ace’s vivre card is almost burned out. End.[/SPOILER]
Italian Translation
[SPOILER]Capitolo 573: Il nome di quest’era, è “BarbaBianca”.
I pirati stanno correndo verso la nave.
Nel frattempo Barba Bianca ed Ace c’è una conversazione di incoraggiamento/conforto/consolazione.
Jozu è ancora a terra privo di sensi, cosi, gli altri pirati cercano di trasportarlo invano sulla nave.
Ace dice qualcosa ad Akainu che risponde attaccando un Rufy ormai stanchissimo.
Ace protegge Rufy dall’attacco di Akainu.
Akainu dice ad Ace che anche fra i Rogia, ci sono delle classificazioni in base alla potenza, detto questo attacca Ace.
Il suo pugno penetra attraverso il corpo di Ace.
La vivre card di Ace è quasi del tutto bruciata.