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Fonte: 2ch/NF
Crediti: Ohana/Uchihasage
Tipo: testo
stato: confermato


Quick look
The war has yet to begin for the Edo Tensei members who mobilise without comprehension of what is happening
Gaara’s speech
From now the war will proceed at full tilt


Fonte: 2ch/NF
Crediti: 69ruma/Uchihasage
Tipo: testo
stato: confermato

Next week will be a line drawing

The summoned Edo Tensei have a chat. Zabuza and Haku, Asuma, and Dan.
Mist’s chukitsu, Konoha’s “Root”(probably Sai’s friends?), appear
Anko and Kabuto fight
To build confidence, Gaara gives the ninja alliance an excellent speech about Naruto
Next time: will concern each battle arrangement

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Fonte: 2ch/NF
Crediti: Ohana/Souzousaisei
Tipo: testo
stato: confermato

[SPOILER]516: Gaara’s Speech (Gaara’s pic in the front page)

Konoha’s Byakugan intercepts the huge army. (An) Edo-tensei corpse came out from Madara’s hideout. (???)
Anko: Return to the main squad and report this, quickly! I’ll stay here and investigate the hideout further.
Byakugan guy: It’s too dangerous for you alone!
Anko: Shaddap and just go!

Edo-tensei corpse apparently having conversation
Haku: Zabuza-san…
Zabuza: Yeah, I know. This is not the netherworld.
Haku: I have full consciousness… But my body is moving on its own…
(Probably a Kumogakure nin): This is Edo-Tensei () Seems like we are summoned by someone, which means we’ll have to fight soon.
Zabuza: Being used even in death… I hate this guy.

Switches to Madara and Kabuto
Kabuto told someone (not made clear) to launch surprise attack from air. Sasori and Deidara would provide traps and bombs respectively.
A Kiri-nin (can’t read the name’s Kanji… Chuukichi?) and Ne (Root?) from Konoha would provide detection and support.
Konoha’s Ne wondered what was happening. The Kiri-nin tried to threaten Akatsuki but got subdued when Kabuto formed some seal.
Sasori: To be used by this brat… Akatsuki sure has fallen. What’s more, the only survivors are Zetsu and my substitute Tobi?
Deidara: As someone who died while bragging eternity as an art, you shouldn’t say conceited things like that, Danna. un.
Sasori: Want me to kill you!?
Deidara: We’re both dead, Danna. un.
Madara: Is it really OK with this?
Kabuto: It’s quite tough to control so many Edo-corpses at once. But I’ll only control them for the movement phase. In battle, I’ll kill their personality and make them fighting dolls. You don’t need to worry… …Although, sometimes leaving their personality intact would strike a blow to the enemy’s psychology…

Dan and Asuma having a conversation
Asuma: Aren’t you Dan?
Dan: Yeah, and we’re both dead. Seems like we are bound by a jutsu that resurrects us to the living world.
Neji’s dad: What’s going on?
Asuma: I have a bad feeling about this…

Kabuto: Won’t you bring the white-black Zetsu?
Madara: Zetsu will look after Sasuke. Besides, you might kidnap him in the middle of the war.
Kabuto: Hmph.
Madara: The hundred thousand Zetsu will move from underground. The sheer amount would stand out too much otherwise.
Kabuto: Then let’s go too, shall we? First…

Byakugan guy fled. Anko remained. Anko hid among bushes, but was spotted.
Kabuto: Sen’ei Tajashu! (Hidden snake-arms jutsu)
Anko: Ditto
Deidara and Sasori are airborne on Dei’s bird. They’re with the Chuukichi guy and Ne of Konoha.
Chuukichi: It’s there…
Deidara: So it’s just like what Kabuto said. Three rats at two o’clock’s direction.

Byakugan guy realizes the oddity.
Byakugan guy: Both of you, run! I will delay them here!

Back at the Shinobi alliance’s
Some Nins talk about Gaara and whether he’s capable of leading the squads.
Some Nins started bickering with each other, fighting about whose dad was killed by whom. In the middle of the commotion, Gaara’s sand subdued them.

(Gaara gave an inspirational speech-no-jutsu. My translation won’t do it any justice, so just wait for the manga.)

“Fighting for the benefit of one’s country and one’s village has continued from the First to the Third World War. Shinobis hurt and hated each other. This hatred lusted for power, and amidst this, I was born. I too, used to live among this hatred and power; I was a Jinchuuriki.
(everybody looked at Gaara)
“And I hated this world with passion. I wanted to destroy it, much like what Akatsuki is trying to do now. But a Konoha Shinobi stopped me.
(flashback to Naruto vs. Gaara and their handshake moment)
“He cried for me, his enemy… and he called the hurt me his friend. He saved me. We were enemies to each other, and yet we were both Jinchuurikis. There is no enemy among people who understand the same suffering.
“And now, here, there is no enemy among us, because we are fellow people who were made suffer by Akatsuki. There is no Suna, Iwa, Konoha, Kiri, or Kumo. What’s here… is only Shinobi!
“If even after this, you can’t forgive Suna (referring to the Shinobi earlier who bitched about his father being killed by Suna), then after this war has ended, you can take my head!
(said Shinobi was nonplussed)
“This friend who saved me is now being targeted by the foe. If he gets caught, then it’s all over for this world. I want to protect my friend… And I want to protect the world!
“I am too young to do that alone. Which is why, I need everyone to lend their power!”

Kakashi notices that everyone’s face lit up.

Naruto managed to stack up the blocks without them crumbling down. Bee talked about the last training.

Raikage: We’ll win this Fourth Great Ninja World War.
Tsuchikage: But of course!
Tsunade: Yeah!