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Crediti: Apprendista/Aohige
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白髭VS青雉、青雉が白髭を凍らせるが白髭には効かない。今度は白髭が薙刀に覇気を纏わせ攻撃するも青雉に は効かない。そこにジョズのタックル、青雉ふっとばされる。青雉の口から血がでている。(白髭かなり弱って いる)
一方ルフィーVSモモンガ、別の中将?。中将達は二人共6式使い。ルフィーはボコボコ状態、さらに黄猿に追 い討ちされ白目状態で白髭の所まで飛ばされる。白髭「お前はよくやった。」
そこに赤犬登場。白髭VS赤犬。マルコはエースの所に行くがガープの鉄拳をくらう。ガープ「エースを助けた けりゃーわしを殺してから行け!」終



Whitebeard vs Aokiji. Aokiji freezes WB, but it has no effect on him.
Next, Whitebeard enchants his bisento with haki and attacks Aokiji, but it doesn’t work on him.
(Apprentice might be just guessing here? It could be just the earthquake power enchant like last time?)
Joz tackles Aokiji, blowing him away. Aokiji’s bleeing from his mouth.
Whitebeard looks very weakened.

Meanwhile, Luffy is fighting Momonga and another Vice Admiral? (Apprentice isn’t sure)
Both the VAs are Rokushiki users. Luffy is getting pummeled.
Kizaru follows up with his attack also, and Luffy is blown away to where Whitebeard is, and his eyes turn white.
Whitebeard comments to him “You did a good job”
Akainu appears. WB vs Akainu. Marco heads to Ace, but recieves Garp’s fist.
Garp: If you want to save Ace, you’ll have to kill me first!