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Crediti:Steven D. Teach
[SPOILER]My translation isn’t anything special and doesn’t provide much more than what Urouge gave, and having woken up from whiskey land it‘s pretty liberal, but here’s what I have–Aohige or someone else can clear it up later anyway:

John Giant, trying to stop Whitebeard, stands in his way. Whitebeard pulls together the empty space, creates an earthquake, and tilts the island/sea (not sure about the pulling/empty space part).

He then hits John Giant in the chest with an earthquake and takes him down in one hit.
WB aims that quake toward the gallows, but Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru, the here admirals, withstand and stop it.

The WB pirates head toward the platform, but a steel siege wall of defense springs up and stops them.

However one section of the siege wall is unable to lift Oz’s body, and Oz’s blood enters the system and weakens it.

Akainu attacks WB and co with “Meteor Volcano” and a meteor magma fist falls down from the sky.

Like I said, nothing new really, and sorry for any mistakes. Don’t really get the wall stuff.[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER]Urouge’s translation looks fine, just one short omission.

When Whitebeard takes down John Giant, he causes an earthquake so large, it tilts the entire island as well as the sea around it.


To elaborate, he caused this massive earthquake to trip John onto the ground.
After he tilts the island, he jumps onto John, and pounds another earthquake into the giant’s chest.

I hope that clarifies[/SPOILER]