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[SPOILER]487: The Beginning of the Battle…!

Zetsu is on the cover.

From darkness to darkness. The one who looks suspiciously like a human being… Akatsuki’s enforcer, Zetsu.

A declaration of war to a friend!!

Naruto and Sasuke stare at each other.
Karin: “…”

Sasuke: “Fine… I’m going to kill you first.”
Naruto:”You know… You’ve still not given me your acknowledgement(recognition)!”
Sakura recalls Naruto’s speech in tears.
[Naruto:] (“I’m gonna carry your hatred together with you!”)
Sakura: (“Naruto prepared himself, and is here… And it’s different from my naïve resolution…!”)
(“I… I only cry and have been relying on Naruto for so long, despite being a shinobi… Although I came here, believing I had left that behind… I couldn’t prepare myself… I couldn’t do anything or say anything. What I can do is…”)
Sakura wipes her tears.
Sakura: (“To believe in those two.”)

Kakashi: “…I understand. I’ll to leave Sasuke to you… Naruto.” (“However…”){Ohana seems to have typoed まかせる here}
Kakashi: “Sakura, I’ll leave my body to you…”{Not sure.}
Kakashi: (“I’m going to deal with Madara here!!”) “Kamui!”
Madara: “Don’t do it, Kakashi. Such a technique won’t be able to end this.”{Unsure.}
Kakashi: “…!”
Madara: “Let’s go, Sasuke.”
Sasuke: “Madara… I need to talk to you later.”

Madara whirls, and Madara, Sasuke and Zetsu disappear.

Naruto: “…Bring it on at any time… Sasuke.”

Madara: “What did you want to talk about?”
Sasuke: “I’ll take Itachi’s eyes.”
Madara: “…! So you’ve finally come around… You’ve overused the Susano-o. I knew you had the eyesight of an old man… Good timing.”{Unsure about the eyesight part.}
Sasuke: “Implant them for me right away.”
Madara: “Although… It’s so sudden… What happened to make you say this?”
Sasuke: “I’m going to crush Naruto with all of my power! And then I’m going to negate everything about him! That’s all.”

Sakura: (“Naruto… Thank you… always. Thanks to you, I can still keep myself from giving up on the future where Team 7 can laugh together…!” )
Kakashi: “!”
Naruto froths from his mouth and collapses.
It was Sakura’s poisoned kunai’s fault.
{The comedy scene seems to have been omitted by Ohana}
Kakashi carries Karin{I think. Ohana seems to have made a typo}: “We’re taking you to Konoha… Behave now, okay?”
Karin: “It’s not like I can do anything right now…” (“So this guy’s Uzumaki Naruto, huh…”)

The Hidden Cloud Village
Shinobi: “Bee-sama!”
Raikage: “We’re back, yeah!!”
Bee: “Heya! Omoi, Karui, long time no see. Have you been healthy, carefree and cheery?”
Omoi: “No way! You disappeared all of a sudden! We were worried as hell!”
Karui: “Well! He’s returned alive, so it’s fine, right?!”
Secretary: “Thank you for your hard work, everyone… This is sudden and immediate, but a meeting based on the facts from the Gokage summit is already underway.”{Unsure}
Darui: “Whaaat? But I haven’t had any rest.”
Cee: “You can’t stay so carefree, can you…? It’s going to be more trouble from here on out.”

Omoi notices that Bee is carrying Samehada.
Omoi: “Huh? What’s that thing?”
Bee: “Booty from a member I fought of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. It got awfully attached to me, and won’t leave me… I’m gonna use it as my weapon from now!”
Omoi: “Really? One of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen…? Awesome!!”{Unsure.}

Black Zetsu is carrying Kisame’s head under his arm.

White Zetsu: “Well? Did you record the fight?”
Black Zetsu: “Yeah…”
White Zetsu: “And Samehada?”
Black Zetsu: “The Hachibi took it with him.”
White Zetsu: “I see…! Then…”
Black Zetsu: “Yeah…”

Kisame’s face is in the mouth of Samehada, which is carried by Bee.

Black Zetsu: “It worked… That’s Kisame for you.”

Kisame: (“Now… It’s going to be trouble from here on out, yes…”)

Kisame’s conversation with Madara.
Madara: “If we proclaim war, the Hachibi’s freedom will likely be limited and himself will be brought in… As for the hunt, go slowly with it then.{Unsure} First infiltrate. Use White Zetsu… He can use a Nari-Kawari Bunshin(Become-Substitute Clone) by copying another’s chakra if he has been in contact once. It’s fragile, though… So it can’t really be used in the middle of fighting, so create a smoke-screen/distraction.”
Kisame:”A stealth mission, eh. I might nearly get myself killed if it gets fun, but let us give it a shoot.”

Kisame: (“It’s a good thing I let Samehada take a liking to the Hachibi, but I never imagined that it’d get to the point where [Samehada] would even give [the Hachibi] chakra. However, on the contrary, this way of infiltration went smooth.”){Unsure about the chakra part}

Black Zetsu: “The sensory-type shinobi hasn’t noticed… To begin with, Samehada had absorbed Kisame’s chakra and turned it into energy, so both Kisame and Samehada has the same chakra. That hasn’t even crossed the minds of the enemy.”
White Zetsu: “I would’ve done a stealth mission, though…”
Black Zetsu: “You’re fragile… But you’re good at acting…”
White Zetsu: “It was a real pickle to change places with Kisame in a smooth manner underwater, even for me. I can release the Nari-Kawari Technique now, I guess.”

The lying corpse(?) of Kisame gradually turns into White Zetsu’s body…
Black Zetsu: “It’s about time we got a meal. Let’s merge.”

Three Tekigakure(Hidden Waterfall) ninja run.
Many white snakes constrict the shinobi.

Kabuto:”I’ve grown familiar to the power… I’m in good shape, not bad at all. Maybe it’s about time I decide to make a move.”

Before the Great Ninja World War… Kabuto moves!!

The end.[/SPOILER]