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Credit: mr T/ Aohige
Source: 2ch/APF
Stato: Confermato

[SPOILER]After eating the candy, Smiley blows up.
The apple in the sled below him turned into what looks like a devil fruit.

After exploding, he became gaseous and started swalloing humans.
People swallowed by the gas freeze up and cannot move.

Sanji, Zoro, Brook, and Kin-emon run for their lives.
They spot a dragon ahead of them, and decide to grab onto it and fly away

Luffy sees the video and spots Zoro and others.
Luffy and co are about to be thrown outside in their cage.
Chopper is panicking, thinking of way to save Luffy.. when a piece of paper flies his way.
It reads “Don’t do anything yet”.

Below the cage are tons of marines. Law says it’s time to retaliate.

End of chapter.
(The last sentence could be taken both ways, as Law saying it’s time to retaliate, or Law stating marines are going to retaliate.
But most likely former, so I chose it.)

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Don’t do anything yet
Ed “ancora niente” è ciò che succede in questo capitolo…

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ok… vi do anche la brutta notizia…

Settimana prossima il WSJ non esce… quindi niente capitolo..
malgrado l’ottimismo di Aohige (che parla di 10 giorni)…
lo storico dice che per i prossimi spoilers bisognerà aspettare 2 settimane… :sisi:
(è ciò che è successo, negli ultimi 3 anni, con la pausa estiva :sisi: )
Sì.. a ferragosto… giorno più, giorno meno

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Chi avrà fatto pervenire la velina a chopper…
Robin o Monet?…