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[SPOILER]cover: Brooke is being worshipped and there is a panty pile.

1st part: Sengoku is telling the Admirals to start the 2nd phase. Whitebeard is surprise about Sengoku’s roundabout ways but decides to change the flow of this war. Meanwhile, the meteor volcano attack from Akainu continues to fall.

Whitebeard: “Akainu! you brat!” Whitebeard attacks the sky with his fists and cracks the sky, which actually obliterates the meteors falling down into ash. New World pirates are celebrating.

Luffy: “Whitebeard ossan! Whew~ thanks !”

DonFlamingo: “Fufufufu! It gets better and better each time.”

2nd part: Sengoku screams for the marines to get the Seige wall to be all the way. Its being stopped by Oars who seems to be unconscious but now starting to move.

Oars: “? Whats going on?…. OL’ MAN is hurt”

Jozu: “Oars is still alive…? Hey Oars! Don’t move stay there!” Jozu jumps to Oars and starts to attack the seige wall. A crack appears on the wall.

Moria: “Kishishhish!! What a strong tough corpse he will make!!”


Kizaru: “This is not good!”

3rd part: Jimbei grabs Luffy, Ivankov, and sees Buggy sinking in the water… after the meteor attack has melted most of the ice. Jimbei puts them on a raft.

Jimbei: “Im most strongest in the water. Luffy! I have a plan for you that includes Buggy”

Buggy: “ I thought I was a dead. Whaaaat! … A plan?”

4th part: Sengoku seems worried about Oars & Jozu attacking the seige wall. The New World pirates are still being attacked by Kuma. Everyone except Ace seems to not notice sand is forming on the platform…

last scene: shows a sandstorm on the platform as Crocodile uses his Sables technique.[/SPOILER]