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Zoro’s bounty 160m fixed to 120m
Picture dedicated to the quake victims behind the cover
Akainu is Mag-Mag fruit
Luffy’s chest scar is from Akainu penetrating through Jinbe’s left shoulders and through Luffy’s chest
Luffy getting fat from eating takoyaki in vol51, then getting skinny and then getting fat again is from diet rebound

Killer eats with his mask on. Stick-food, Ramen, Pasta, etc.
Favorite is spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino, Napolitan (Japanese pasta food using ketchup on spaghetti) and other tomato sauce type gets his mask dirty
He drinks booze using a straw.

Law’s crewmates wearing the casquettes are named Shachi (Orca) and Penguin
Gray Terminal is modeled after Smoky Mountain in slums of Manila (well known massive dump, where thousands live by picking through the rubbish)
The reason why Oda didn’t make Devon beautiful is because he wanted to make the Blackbeard pirates the most pirate-ey pirate of all.
(Sorry Alina, Devon is officially ugly. Go pick beef with Oda. )

UGK award (Usopp Gallery) goes to Shinozaki S from Ehime
Picture of Luffy and Ace, arms hugging shoulders, with D crossed with X on back of their hands

There was one where Zoro tells Usopp “hey Usopp, you’re fourth” lol

In giro ho trovato questo sulle SBS del volume 62 uscito ieri