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Fonte: 2ch/MStream
Crediti: Ohana/len23
Stato: Confermato
Tipo: testo

All the 5 Kages gather in front of Madara. (Irrelevant but: They all look really badass)

It appears that they are going to gang up on Madara, but the chapter ends here and next week Kishi is on a break.

Tsunade released the chakra seal on her forehead.

It seems that the Kages are using a teleportation jutsu which roughly translates to ‘Heaven’s Pathway’.


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Fonte: 2ch/NF
Crediti: Ohana/takL
Stato: Confermato
Tipo: testo

those who entitled kage are cool
seems like the full scale madara vs 5 kages will be in the nextweek tho.
Tudane releases the chakra on her forehead

in front of madara
all the 5 kages assumble themselves. of course may/mei as well.
Via tenso(heavenly transfer or stg) no jutu (they) arrive.