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Ho deciso di usare questa discussione per postare, all’uscita dei nuovi volumi in jap, le varie info e immagini che si ricavano dalle SBS (PS. perdonami Geno2000 ho cambiato il titolo).
Ora, all’uscita del volume 61, queste sono le prime info.

Alcuni schizzi sulle possibili versioni della ciurma post time skip
Le prime SBS
Q: Is the tree in Rusukaina island the same as Daft Green in Strong World?
A: The idea came from it, yes, and decided to use it here as well. However, it’s a SIMILAR type of tree, but a different one, and without poisonous gas.

Q: Is Florian Triangle based on Bermuda Triangle? A: Yes.

Reader is asking if the smiley/sadface mark on Ace’s hat had any meanings such as:
Sadface: Was it ok for me to be born into this world?
Smiley: Thanks you pops and Luffy for loving me, I’m glad I was born

He also mentioned how Ace’s expressions right before he died was correlating to it

Oda basically answers he was surprised when someone first pointed it out.
Meaning, it was coincidental.

Oda did, however, mention that when Ace was first introduced, the fate he will follow as well as his story was already decided in his head.
The smiley/sadface mark though, was just a fashionable trinket, he didn’t have any deep meaning behind it.
Ace’s expression at his death just came naturally.

Con l’uscita poi del 15° log ci sarà il nuovo mugiwara theatre!