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[SPOILER]- Violet is princess Viola.
– Monet was a handmaid in the Palace. She kidnapped Viola with Dolfamingo’s crew.
– Dolfamingo defeated King Riku and the army. They became Dressrosa’s heroes.
– Toy Soldier confirms that Viola joined Dolfamingo’s crew for saving King Riku.
– More fighters get turned into toys.
– Luffy meets Zoro and Kinemon and talks to them but Bellamy stands behind.

End of chapter.[/SPOILER]

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[SPOILER]- Cover-story: Old grandma gives Caribou her last beef pie.
– Viola is Violet, the princess of Dressrosa.
– Monet opened the gate of city to let people from Donquixote family in.
– Nationals started hating Riku, Doflamingo brought Trebol, Diamante and Pica to show up as heros.
– Toy Solider says Violet became Doflamingo’s subordinate to protect Riku’s life.
– Those who lost their memories and those who were transformed into toys are uncertain factors.
– If it’s possible to release these two, they can be capable of combating Doflamingo.
– Earlier this year, Doflamingo claimed to abdicate, they thought it was a miracle.
– Then CP0 came to tell that it was fake news, which made them lose their hope again.
– They realize not only people but toys also will lose memories.
– Outside the colosseum, Luffy meets Zoro, Bellamy is watching all this.
End of Chapter.

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Beh… l’ultima pagina non è dedicata al blocco D ma ci sono andato vicino…
Questo FB probabilmente termina qui…
Sospettavo Viola potesse essere Violet (nome preso entrando nella ciurma di DF) oppure la madre di Violet (ma non mi quadravano le età)…
ed è la prima che ho scritto :sisi:
uhmmm leggo che Violet dovrebbe essere sorella di Scarlet e zia di Rebecca :sisi: