Reply To: Shippuuden Anime…


The official Naruto TV Tokyo announced on Thursday that there will be a 6-episode filler arc starting from November 22nd entitled “Chikara Force” to celebrate the 500 anime episodes milestone.
In the poster, it looks like Deidara along with Hidan and Kabuto will be the main villains of this arc.
Unfortunately for manga readers, it seems the anime is wanting a certain Edo Tensei user (You-Know-Who) to not be in this game anytime soon. With a six week filler arc spanning from the 22nd November to the end of December, it lengthens the gap for when he can appear and fight. This is an assuming schedule from October to the end of December 2012.

Purtroppo vedremo la fine dei maledetti filler e il proseguo della Guerra soltanto da gennaio 2013 :sad1: