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Credit: fullscalenuclearwar
Source: APF
[SPOILER]cover story:
Thank you pirate calibou, you’re just as cute as my own grandson

page 1:

dellinger: step aside.. i have to kick him to his last breath.. now move away already!!
bartho: no i won’t!!
dellinger: …..!!

page 2:

dellinger: this is a family matter!!
bartho: you’re so annoying. haven’t you just received a call for your next task? Get lost now, i will not take away my barrier!
dellinger: damn you barrier punk!

#flashback: diamante: haven’t you finished him off yet? that bellamy trash?…. forget about him then, the next assignment is from dofla himself.. go defend toy house(?) with Lao G, right away!

dellinger: i will not let you slip away, the two of you! don’t ever think you will have the chance to leave dressrosa alive!
bartho: bahahahaha get lost smelly kid
bellamy:………#is this for real, diamante? dofla gave dellinger order to finish me off!!?

page 3:


dofla: if you can win the tournament, bellamy, you will be promoted to a seat under me in the family, thats right. don’t let me down, i look forward to your performance..
bellamy: ….. 😀

Bartho: hey, i’ll send you to medical room..
bellamy: stop messing around with me..!! i have no more will to continue living… why did you even save me for? we were all but opponents in the colosseum for a few minutes nothing more..
bartho: so what?! if we have exchanged fists on the same battle ground, we are friends!
bellamy: !!
bartho: even if i’m a piece of good for nothing shit, i will not turn myself away from a friend in need!

page 4:

mr.soldier: the situation in this country right now is exactly as i have described right now.. the plan to overthrow the darkness and tragedies hidden within, i shall name it dressrosa S.O.P battle strategy!

Franky: S.O.P??!! this must be something really meaningful!?

page 5:

mr.soldier: there is a huge underworld in this country that no one has ever heard of, this place is for the purpose of human trafficking and the mysterious factory is also hidden within it. the enslaved tanta people and toys are forced to work here day and night. now we will use the tunnel we have been digging for 1 year to infiltrate the underground and rescue them all!! we will then destroy the factory and all the ports and we will defeat dofla family!! to have king riku regain the reign of dressrosa is the purpose of our invasion !!

page 6:

usopp: it might sound easy but…… this plan in all is a very wishful thinking!
mr.soldier: …within an hour dressrosa will come to the state no one can ever imagine of. more importantly our very first mission that has to be achieved is all but one!! to find the person that is responsible for turning us into toy, dofla’s subordinate, user of hobby fruit, we must knock her out!! what do you think will happen after we defeat her?

robin: could it be….!! that the curse will be cured?

page 7:

mr.soldier: that’s right!! every toys in dressrosa will return to their former selves the moment Hobby DF falls!! at the same time memories to all the toys will also be restored in all of our citizens!! even we will not be able to tell what is gonna happen to the country given such unimaginable reaction! how many more will turn and join our course!! how will the citizens react if they found out the truth!! how will dofla respond to that? and what will be the response from the marines? if anything at all, one thing imaginable is that the country will be fallen into total panic and chaos!!!

page 8:

usopp: …and where exactly is the Hobby DF user? is she strong??!
mr.soldier: according to the information from tanta scouting teams, shes now hiding in the underworld trading port. she’s one of the officer serving under Trevol. anyone gets touched by her hands will be turned into toys. she’s seem to be very small in size, rumour has it she stopped growing up after the consumption of Hobby DF. she is seen to be the ‘most important person’ in the family and Trevol is assigned to be her bodyguard

page 9:

robin: …if we could just put her out of consciousness…..
mr.soldier: if we can really put her out of consciousness, we will be able to achieve SOP!
usopp: wuahh if our enemy is but a little girl then follow me folks let’s get her!!
robin: *sweat*
usopp: that’s right!! now that we are here, there aren’t fights that cannot be won! bring us there! to your tunnel, little men!
tanta men: whoaaaaa usoland assault team!!

page 10: colosseum

luffy: strange, where is the exit? um.. or rather… where am i now??! could this be… toilet?!?!
person in toilet: close the door you fool!!
Bartho(from afar): that’s right, i m gonna be a friend of luffy, this is my dream…. !!? eh?!
luffy: ohhhh!! isn’t this chicken head!! it’s good to see you here!!
Bartho: wuahhhhhhhh lu…lu…luffy senior!!

page 11:

#bartho faints with foams out his mouth
#bartho: hang on there bellamy, do you want to miss the chance to talk to pirate king ??

Luffy: ah ! bellamy!
bartho: *cough cough, luffy senpai, have you met zoro senpai just now?
#bartho: damn this aura, it’s so shiny i dare not to look into his eyes!!
Luffy: oh i met him, thank you!!
#bartho: ohh don’t thank me~~~
Luffy: but i can’t seem to find the way out now that im in rush! damnnn
Bellamy: there’s no exit in this colosseum
Luffy: eh, you seem to suffer greater injuries than you have before…??
bellamy: once the gladiators enter the colosseum, they will not walk out anymore, there is no use in finding the exit
Luffy: wtf is the meaning of this? there is never an exit at all!??

page 12:

luffy: bellamy… aren’t you dofla’s subordinate? then you should know how to get out from here? can you please tell me the way out? i have nakama in danger!!
bellamy: …………….. #subordinate? im not even qualified#…i am going out now, if you follow me, you might make your way out too..
luffy: !? really?! thank you so much!! are you really gonna bring me out?
bellamy: like i said, it’s you follow my way out, even if you did escape, it was you following me, not like i betrayed my boss..! i will NOT betray dofla.. !! i still respect him from the bottom of my heart..
bartho: oi oi.. didn’t you… just now..
Bellamy: STFU!! i have my own principle!
Luffy: i get it!! then i will just follow behind!
bartho: oh but luffy senpai, the mera-mera fruit
Luffy: Pff. i really dont want it to fall into some asshole’s hand, but theres nothing i can do. a nakama’s life is more important!!

page 13:

bartho: don’t worry senpai! you can trust on me with the mera-mera fruit! luffy senpai, i have been planning to win the fruit that resembles Ace for you! and hand it into you hand myself!
Luffy: eh? really? are you gonna give me that?!
bartho: Of course!! it has to be in your hand!!
Luffy: chicken head the way you speak is getting heavier accent…

bartho: i will definitely get mera mera myself! don’t worry about me and go worry bout your stuffs!
bellamy: can you turn away when you’re shouting?
Luffy: is that right? that’s surely a great help!!

Sabo appears: mera-mera will not be handed to you, mugiwarano luffy.
Luffy: !?
bartho: #pissed# what did you say you trash?! what lowlife you are, how dare you speak rudely to luffy senpai!!! he is the brother of the legendary fire fist ace do you know that?! and he will become the pirate king you dickhead!!!

page 14:

Sabo: of course i know.
bartho: aww! #falls#

#broadcast in the battle ring#

broadcast: teaming and fighting alongside rebecca is the invincible adriana(?) !!
adriana: keep it going rebecca!!
rebecca: aunt adriana!
adriana: you have to be qualified into finals!
rebecca: of course!!

Bartho: pfff you dickhead acting close with luffy senpai! see luffy senpai is already enraged!!
Luffy: #suddenly realize something and burst into tears#

page 16:

zoro: oh you stupid you’re finally out.. and why are you crying nonstop?

#luffy, zoro, kinemon in disguise#
kinemon: oh oh marines are really taking us as the regular toys on the street!
zoro: that was close! all because of your weird taste in animal jacket disguise!!
kinemon: eh? this should be really common especially luffy’s fish costume!
Luffy: sob sob sob..
zoro: now now luffy are you gonna stop crying! do you want to rescue law or not??!
Luffy: sob sob sob.. must rescue law! must beat the crap out of dofla! mera-mera has no problem now!
zoro: then do you have a problem yourself!?

page 17:

Koala (den-den mushi): Robin sister seems to be in this country too, it’s been so long, i’ve wanted to meet her even just for once…. oh you found him too? that’s so fortunate!
Sabo: ..yeah. i thought he was gonna punch me in my face the 1st thing he saw me..
Koala: oh? are you crying again?
Sabo: .. opps.. how is it possible that i cry!!
Koala: even if you were ‘there’ is it anything u can change? that kind of thing, no one can give a definite answer.
Sabo: ..right… Any news update about underground, inform me immediately
Koala: get it!
Sabo: as for now, i must go and attain Ace’s mera-mera myself!

page 18:

Sabo: …his will… will live on with us!!!

Luffy: sob sob.. i can never imagine he was still alive….!!
Zoro: who the hell are you talking about??
Luffy: i….. all these while… i thought he’s already dead..!!