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[SPOILER]Chapter 715
“Close Contest C-Block”
Cover Story:
“Caribou’s Kehihihihi in the New World”
“Volume 33”
“Our departed grandma always said, ***8216;No matter what happens, brothers stick together'”
Page 2:
Blurb: “He brought down the giant warrior in one hit!! Luffy’s power is overwhelming!!!”
Gats: “..He’s…!! He’s not even moving an inch!!”
“Without a doubt, this former candidate to win it all, Hajrudin…!!!”
“Has been eliminated!!!”
“This is absolutely a stunning upset!!!”
Luffy: “Hup”
Gats: “There’s just no stopping the excitement and anticipation at this point!!
Crowd: “You’re amazing, Lucy!!”
Page 3:
Gats: “At the eye of the storm that’s descended onto C-block!!!”
Luffy: “I’ll carry you over to the edge, Ucy”
Gats: “Lucy has done it again!!!”
Cavendish: “…Hmph”
“Well of course he has”
Gats: “We still can’t even get a measure on this man!!”
Rebecca: “I can’t believe it…”
“That he would be this strong…”
Crowd: “Lucy!!”
Ideo: “Oi, oi, giant…”
“This is the ring…”
“If you’re gonna sleep, do it somewhere else!!!”
Page 4:
Crowd: “Uwahh!!!”
Gats: “Hajrudin’s enormous body was blown away by an explosion!!?”
“What on earth could have…!!?”
Page 5:
Gats: “No, that was no explosion!! …Even if Hajrudin is out…”
“C-block is still crawling with some real monsters!!!”
“The punch launched from those strange-looking shoulders…”
“Only looked like an explosion!!!
Crowd: “Ideo!!”
Text: “Triple X Rank Boxer: Demolition Cannon Ideo”
Gats: “The one who sent the giant’s body flying was…!!”
“The V2 champion of the New World Central Fighting Club!!!”
“Demolition Cannon Ideo!!!”
Page 6:
Ideo: “I want to be stronger”
“So I’ll be eating that Mera Mera no Mi!!”
“I need more power!!!”
Gats: “Furthermore”
“There are some others who’ve gotten our attention!!”
“They’ve come from the far east nation of Kanokuni”
“This gang of three!! And they’ve got a different flavor altogether!!!”
“To think that this is the day that our fair colosseum…”
“Would get to see such renowned kenpo users in action!!!”
Fighter: “Ugh”
Page 7:
Sai: “Tsuaa!!!”
“How futile!!!”
“There it is!!! Defenses are useless against the finely manipulated attacks of Hasshoken!!!”
Text: “Kanokuni Gang Member and 13th Commander of the Happou Navy: Sai”
Gats: “Neither shields nor armor work against these guys!!!”
TN: “Hasshoken = Fist of the Eight Impacts; Happousuigun (Eight Treasures Navy) is also a pun on “Happousai” (Eight Treasured Vegetables) another Chinese dish”
Page 8:
Gats: “The might of the Happou Navy”
“Boasts hundreds of years of storied history!!”
Boo: “Hoa!!!”
Gats: “Indeed, no one can stand up to them!!!”
Text: “Kanokuni Gang Member and Vice Commander of the Happou Navy: Boo”
Fighters: “Taking your head, Chinjao…”
“Will be much more meaningful than winning any tournament!!”
Chinjao: “Hiyahaya…”
Page 9:
Text: “Kanokuni Gang Member and Formerly the 12th Commander of the Happou Navy (Retired)”
Chinjao: “You’ll have to try another time, greenhorns!!!”
Text: “Don Chinjao”
Fighters: “Owahh!!!”
Crowd: “Uohhh!!!”
Page 10:
Fighter: “That was Conqueror’s Haki!”
“Well duh… he was once a legendary pirate with a bounty of 500 million!!”
Chinjao: “There’s only one man I want!! Don’t get in my way…!!”
Jean Ango: “Hold up, you bastard!!!”
Chinjao: “Hmm?”
Jean Ango: “Dededede!! Thanks a lot, Chinjao! Now I’ve got all the weapons I want!!”
Text: “Bounty Hunter: Jean Ango, “Jean the Bandit””
Page 11:
Gats: “Without falling to Don Chinjao’s will…”
“This tournament’s dark horse is fishing for weapons in the ring!!!”
“It’s “Jean the Bandit”!!!”
“He’s a bounty hunter who’s earned the hatred of all the big name pirates throughout the New World!!!”
Pirate: “Now that I’ve spotted you, you’re finished!!!”
“You sent a buddy of mine to the slammer! I’ll never forget that!!”
Jean: “These weapons I’ve picked up are my “bullets” ”
“I’m a sniper…!!”
Pirate: “Uwahh!!”
Jean: “If your precious friend really went to prison, then show a bit more mettle and go get him!!”
“Like that one idiot did, two years ago!!”
Page 12:
Kerry: “Rahh!!”
Crowd: “Kyahh!!”
“Oi!! He’s already lost consciousness!!”
“Why does he just keep punching!?”
Kerry: “Rarararararah!!!”
Bobby: “Oi, cut it out, bro!!!”
“He’s already done for!!!”
Page 13:
Bobby: “Enough already!!”
“I was holding him for you”
Crowd: “Uwahh!!!”
Kerry: “Hah…hah!!”
Text: “Assassins from the Mogaro Kingdom: The Funk Brothers”
Kerry: “That bastard called me a shrimp!!!”
“Hey, Bobby, you think I’m shrimpy!!? Huh, do ya!!?”
Bobby: “Not at all, bro. You’re real big”
Kerry: “Try sayin’ something now, you octopus!!!”
Bobby: “Come on now, bro!!”
“Ah!! I was holding him down for you!!”
Page 14:
Kerry: “Keh”
“Next time I’ll gouge out your damn eyes!!!”
Text: “Older Brother: Kerry Funk”
Kerry: “And you came over to stop me, didn’t you Bobby!!!”
Text: “Younger Brother: Bobby”
Bobby: “But this is a match, bro!!”
Gats: “It’s the excessively violent Funk Brothers!!”
“They’re a pair of killers known by all involved in the underworld!!!”
“It’s said that they’re strong enough”
“To even take down pirates with bounties over 100 million!!!”
Boo: “All these noisy guys… Just how many street fighters and boxers”
“Without any formal training are there?”
“I’m looking at you!!!”
Kerry: “Huh?”
Page 15:
Buu: “Hey!! Shrimp!!!
Kerry: “Bogehh!!
Sfx: *fwish*
Bobby: “Big bro!!!”
Boo: “Ehh!!?”
Crowd: “Ehh!!?”
Gats: “So weak!!!”
“No… or maybe it’s just that that Happou Navy’s Boo is too strong…!!”
“What a failure to live up to expectations!! Where’s the impressive fighter we were promised!! What a fool!”
Girl: “Gats-san!!”
Page 16:
Boo: “You too, little brother!!!”
Bobby: “Wait, I won’t fight!! Since I was born…”
“I’ve never even fought once!!!”
Gats: “He’s shown his back!!! These brothers are the worst!!!”
Boo: “The axe broke…”
“But I had imbued it with armament haki!!!”
“…What a ridiculously tough body”
Bobby: “Big bro…”
Kerry: “Th… that bastard… he called me a shrimp…!!”
“Hurry up and… “wear” me, Bobby!!”
Page 17:
Crowd: “Kyahh!!”
Gats: “Eh!!?”
“What in the world is happening here!!?”
Sai: “Boo!!!”
Gats: “Kanokuni’s Boo has been beaten to a pulp!!! He’s already lost consciousness!!!”
“The one punching is…!? The feeble younger brother, Bobby!? No! The weakling older brother, Kerry!?”
Bobby/Kerry: “Rararararararah!!!”
Gats: “Seems like the older brother!! But he got huge and appears to be a completely different person!!!”
B/K: “Now who’s the shrimp? Just try sayin’ that again…!!!”
“And I’ll rip out that throat of yours!!!”
Page 18:
Gats: “And what do we have here? It seems that Lucy’s helmet”
“Has been stolen away by Jean the Bandit!!”
Luffy: “Oi, give that back!!!”
Jean: “I heard a strange rumor”
“They say the pirate Strawhat Luffy, with a bounty of 400 million”
“Has inserted himself into this tournament…!!”
Luffy: “Hmm!?”
Gats: “And over there is Don Chinjao, charging forward with a clear purpose!!!”
Chinjao: “If only you could see this, Garp… what I’m about to do to your grandson…!!!”
Page 19:
Gats: “There are about 40 fighters remaining in C-block!!!”
“And only the biggest names are emerging from the mix!!!”
“Who’s gonna win this thing!!?”
Blurb: “A white hot burning battle!!” [/SPOILER]

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