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Mi potresti dare il link perchè non trovo la pagina degli spoiler

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Ecco lo spoiler in inglese

[SPOILER]Fonte: Mangastream

Chapter 591: ‘Is that all?’
Picture: Rayleigh and Crocus in a Hot spring with Laboon in the background

The sea seems to be very rough and Law notices that Sea kings are dropping dead one by one
‘What the hell is going on? Something’s coming!’
Rayleigh reaches the shore and Law and Jinbei are shocked to see him.
Rayleigh: Phew, that was tiring!
Law and co: Dark Lord Rayleigh!!!
Rayleigh: Ooohh it’s you fellows. We met at Shabondy didn’t we! Well, my ship got sunk because there was a big storm so I ended up swimming. My body doesn’t work like it used to… It’s not good to get old!!
Rayleigh is wringing his clothes out.
Rayleigh: I had a feeling that Luffy would be here…
Luffy tells Rayleigh he wants to see his crew.
Rayleigh: Is that all?
Luffy: ???
The incident about what happened on Shabondy with Kuma and Rayleigh is revealed.
Kuma’s proposal to Rayleigh during that incident is as follows:
In regards to the Tenryubito (world noble) incident the Mugiwara crew cannot fend for themselves.
At the current state of the crew, if they entered the New world they wouldn’t survive for even a few days.
Kuma made a promise with Dragon . With this promise Kuma states that he will blast all the members far away for various reason (I think he is implying for their own good.)
Rayleigh: I can trust you in this?
End of small flashback

The scene changes and Usopp finds out about Ace’s death and starts crying. He wants to meet Luffy.
Chopper is flying on a bird out of the island and reads about Luffy’s incident in a newspaper.

The scene changes back to Luffy and co
Rayleigh says that I will teach you how to survive in the New world and starts to train Luffy.

That’s about it. ”[/SPOILER]