Reply To: One Piece 643: Ipotesi e Discussione Spoiler


Qualcuno potrebbe controllare se quanto ha scritto uno di un altro forum in questo post è giusto? Mi interessa soprattutto il punto 2.

Both MS and MR sucked so much this week that I can***8217;t take either one seriously. A few things to note:

1) Nakurowa is an unknown place we have not been introduced to yet, so no worries there.
2) Brook***8217;s sword is still his own, but he trained his potential while in the care of the Long Arm Tribe. So, it***8217;s not a new sword.
3) Usopp obviously says ***8220;Don***8217;t bother!***8221; or ***8220;I can***8217;t lose!***8221;
4) Daruma burning is a reference to the yearly daruma-doll burning ceremony that clears out the old and replenishes the new. More on it on Wikipedia***8230;
5) Daruma zame is supposed to be ***8220;cookie-cutter shark***8221;, but in this case, it***8217;s a pun with daruma = ball.
6) Last bit at the end of the chapter: ***8220;Unstoppable insanity***8221; is better wording.