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per chi come me non ha la pazienza di aspettare un anno per vedere il film ecco il riassunto: [SPOILER] A group called “Neo Marine” led by Z breaks into a Marine’s stronghold and snatches the so-called “Daina Rock”.Kizaru appears and says something like “It’s been a long time, Zephyr-Sensei. Please put the Daina Rock down” just before attacking him.
Z says “I’m pretty sure I’ve already taught you not to rely too much on your light beams” and fights back.
The Rock that Z had stolen bursts into a island-wide explosion.
Kizaru does not get injured, while Z gets swallowed by the explosion and is drifted away.

Episode 1 – After the Explosion

New setting, Rufy and friends are eating cherries from Franky’s head. (wtf? ?)
Suddenly some volcanic ash falls from the sky and no sooner they noticed that something was strange than they find Z drifting in the sea.
Chopper examines Z and says that he just passed out but he’s not suffering any serious injuries.
Chopper finds out that Z’s right arm (“Smasher”) is made out of sea stone, he thinks he might be an enemy but gives him medical aid anyway. After a while Z opens his eyes.
He familiarizes with them at first, but after Rufy calls himself a pirate he completely changes his attitude and damages the ship.
Rufy, Zoro and Sanji are about to attack him when the members of “Neo Marine” , that was searching for their missing leader, get into the fight.
There’s a small fight between Vince (Binzu?) and Ain against Franky and Nami. Z grabs Rufy with his sea-stone arm. While Rufy says “I’ll become the pirate king!” , Z leaves the ship and orders his subordinates
to shoot cannon balls to the Sunny. Sunny’s “Coup de burst” saves them.
Z orders his men to go to a temple, in order to restore their youth.
Meanwhile, Marine Headquarters set up a metting to come up with a strategy to catch Z.
Admiral Akainu orders to a bunch of officers the complete annihilation of his former mentor.
Mugiwara’s land on a near island to repair the ship. They split up. Robin, Usopp, Nami (and Chopper?) go to a bar to gather information about Z. Rufy,Sanji,Zoro e Brook go to a hot spring to have some rest, while Franky stays with the Sunny wanting ro reinforce its equipment.
In the hot spring, Rufy and friends are having fun, when suddenly an adult male voice coming from behind interrupts them. It’s former-admiral Aokiji.
They’re kind of annoyed by his presence, but Aokiji surprises them by saying that he has no intention to fight them.
They leave the spring, and they see Aokiji’s artificial leg made of ice. They ask him why he had to fight Akainu? but he just answers “That’s not a nice question to ask..”

In the bar Nami hears some marines talking about the incident provoked by Z in that island. They leave the bar and run into Rufy that is being followed by some marines. He uses the Haki of the Conqueror. Only one official does not faint and he gives them more information about the ongoing war between Z and the Marine.

Aokiji meets straw hat pirates, and tells them about the background
of Z and what the End Point is. According to Aokiji, Z plans to end
the great pirate era by blasting the three End Points (huge magma reservoir)
in New World.

The existence of End Points is known to people as fake.
Only high-ranking officials of World Government and Marine
know it is true.

Garp tells Coby and Helmeppo about Z.

Z’s real name is Admiral “Black Arm” Zephr. His wife and child
were killed by a pirate. This made him add to hatred to pirates.
Afterward, very strong pirate (devil fruit user) cut his arm off
and annihilated his military units except Ein and Bins.

When the pirate joined Shichibukai, Z was displeased at Government and
left Marine. Coby trembles at the power of the pirate who cut off arm of

Luffy confronts Z in the desert of the island, but he is
neutralized by a bullet of sea stone.

Z picks the straw hat up and proposes to destoroy the straw hat
and great pirate era. Luffy naturally gets angry, but he is
knocked out by the strong attack such as smasher tornado.
Z destroys the End Point of this island.

Aokiji meets the straw hat pirates and gives them the eternal
pose of the Period Island (last island).

The straw hat pirates venture into the Period island changing
their costumes. Franky backs up. Luffy runs towrads Z in a bee-line.
Zoro and Sanji begin to fight against Ein and Binz.

Luffy arrives at Z. Final battle begins. Luffy succeeds to destroy
smasher by indenting sea stone.(smasher consists of sea stone). Z’s
sunglasses are falling from his face. Z begins to show a vivid face.

Aokiji secretly watches the fight and says “Zephr-sensei is coming

A fierce fight continues, but finally Z tumbles down running out of
physical strength because of his age.

Luffy barely wins the fight, but Kizaru and about six vice-admirals,
who intend to exterminate Luffy and Z, conftont them.
Z volunteeers to prevent the enemies. Aokiji lets gigantic ice block
appear between Z and Luffy.

Z thanks to Aokiji “Kuzan…you makes my place to die” and rushes
toward the Marines.

Kizaru says “Farewell, Zephr-sensei”, and mercilessly shoots Yasakani
no Magatama to Z. Z rushes to Kizaru shouting “Borsalinooooo!!”.
Vice-admiral Doberman is crying quietly. Z suffers the damage of
Yasaakani no Magatama, but he keeps his feet.

“I’ll give you the last lesson!!”

Straw hat pirates leave the island showing mixed feelings.

Aokiji encourages Ein and Bins who are crying in front of the grave of Z.

***12304;Last scene***12305; The name of Z derives from the “hero” that Z played in his

Anyway, this movie looks really gooooood [/SPOILER]