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Source: Shueisha/NF

#674: Sasuke’s Rinnegan…!!
page 1
-Sen-poh(sage art).In-ton(Yin craft) Raiha(electric style/type in kanji)!!-
Naruto Sasuke:!!
page 2
Maddy: !?
in Maddy’s mind: Sasuke’s (gone)…!
Madara: !!
Maddy in his mind: that left eye… … explains
This is… not that he transferred (/moved)…!!
page 3
Maddy: !!!
Naruto: !!
in Sasuke’s mind: what’s that!?
Naruto in his mind: this Again!!
page 4
-Sen(=sage)poh Ran(storm)ton koh-ga(light fang)!!-
Naruto: wOw!!
Naruto: !
Naruto in his mind: again! t’s coming!
Sasuke in his mind: there it is!!
Sasuke: ! in his mind: it doesn’t hit (it/him) !?
page 5
Naruto: !
Naruto: Sasuke, it went over there! Something invisible
Naruto: is running around!!
Sasuke: is it? I’m seeing it clearly!
Maddy in his mind: these lads…
As I thought (they perceive) my limbo…
Sasuke: this is…
page 6
Sasuke: another Madara
Maddy: as he gained the rinnegan he came to see it, yeah.
and Naruto….you bastard cant see it but you can sense…
Sasuke: apparently physical attacks from our side have no effect on the other Madara.
Naruto: yea!
page 7
Maddy in his mind: by rights it’s impossible from the side of this world to see or sense…
the me existing in the invisible world, limbo…
Maddy in his mind: …how come they all of a sudden gained this much power?
Maddy in his mind: …that Sasuke Uchiha…
he alone had awakened the sharingan of choku-tomoe like me (=he’s the only one who has awakened choku tomoe sharingan other than me).
Maddy in his mind: there might be some connection different from(/other than) blood between Sasuke and me.
Maddy: if so
How nicely the(=your) left eye will fit me as my eye!!
page 8
Naruto: eh!?
Maddy: So, that is …an ability of your left eye…
Sasuke: then…try it. You won’t die of such damage, will you?
page 9
Sasuke: ………even on the shadow Madara…
Attacks with Rikudoh’s sage chakra work…huh.
The wound on the right arm (of the shadow of Maddy)…
is from guarding against Naruto’s attack at first…
Sasuke: seemingly your shadow goes back to its (=your) body after a certain period of time.
Sasuke: Naruto when his shadow emerges again you deal with it. I’ll handle the visible one and note that…
Naruto: Meh!
That it gets on my nerves when you tell me what to do, you know…apparently it still ain’t changed with me!
page 10
Sasuke: hear me through (/let me finish)!
Sasuke: …listen. Now is our chance.
Perhaps he and his shadow will stay overlapped with each other for a while.
Doesn’t matter whatever (jutsu)…prepare ur next jutsu while keeping the power of sage.
A jutsu that seals movements is preferable.
Maddy in his mind: he’s assumed (/estimated) limbo’s duration time and its actuation interval…
plus ways/a means to cope with it…
He is indeed quick to catch on (/ready witted).
The cool-headed analysis and ability to judge…
Plus the choku-tomoe same to me…
Had he been born earlier than Obito…
I would have got him (? in obito’s place)….
Maddy in his mind: Nope… Not that it matters now.
Whatever happened with them, all I must understand(/know) is that they aren’t just any kids now..
Maddy in his mind: guess I’m going to have both eyes (together) sooner than later.
Shukaku: in that case, use my chakra, to tuck (my) sealing jutsu into it.
Naruto: thank you! …… err (what’s the name)…
Shukaku: it’s Shukaku
page 11
-Senpoh Ji(=magnet)ton Rasengan!!-
Sasuke in his mind: I also have Rikudoh’s power…
Sasuke: Naruto shoot it towards me!
That will do nicely!
Naruto: a tad irritating but yeah no doubt about what you said.
Maddy: !!
page 12+ 13
Sasuke: Naruto, the jutsu Rikudoh sage conferred …you know what to do!
Naruto: Yup! Now is the…
Sasuke: !!
Naruto: has he transferred (/moved)?
Sasuke: !!


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il capitolo è uscito :sisi:

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Immagino già quale sarà la cosa più criticata…

Il trapianto lampo? Voglio vedere dov’è il problema se dio si trapoanta un occhio e sa usarlo subito :asd:

Bel capitolo, tattico come piace a me, anche se molto ingarbugliato.. dopo lo rileggo bene sul pc, intanto dico che secondo me Sakura ci rimane, Kakashi si pappa il rinnegan sinistro di Obito.. oppure se lo prende Madara scartando lo sharingan preso da Kakashi, il quale si doppio-impianterá i due occhi di Obito riunendo i Kamui :ahsisi: