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SAIL NIGHT [600] story of

No. GR–17
Frankie “Hey … That, or chopper not you?”

Robin “It’s true. I wonder where to go in such a rush …”

Pashitsu Nyokinyoki …
(Stopping the chopper to grow a hand)

Chopper “has! … I?”

Robin: “Heh heh … Long time, Chopper”

Chopper: “What? Robin! Why here? What were safe!?”

Frankie, “Robin?”

No. GR–42
Sanji “E Marimo totally ****ing you, you can tell how tired s nothing to fishing boats and pirate ship!”

Zorro, “What … what … two great Mayu毛 life (because) there is nothing like”

Sanji: “You … You … The absolute E Eoro Congratulations!” “! What happened to his left eye that way?”

Zorro! “… What is this? Did nothing apart …”

Sanji: “Ah! What is it that!”

Zoro “We’re going to do things than Sunny place”

Sanji “Do not you over there! Tsu Sunny is over here!”

No. GR-Shakki -13 s Bar
Rayleigh “Luffy is just two years …. We come here you two years ago, was flown to pieces by Bartholomew Kuma … everyone thought would be different … think I’ll safely return to their own safety or … and be strong for his fellow … ”

“Thought the world would have been too far away with a friend and a really good one …”

Luffy: “Oh, thank you! S nothing to lose anyone anymore!”

Rayleigh, “You’re right. … The sun anymore. … Wax Departure Nikuida night trying to find that way, even the Navy”

Luffy: “OK! – Straw Hat Pirates tonight – Revived!”

No. GR-night -46
Luffy fake “Please gather the Straw Hat Pirates Walk out now!”
Tsu hell! (Pirates of the bunch)

Luffy fake “first job on the new guys will find the three sassy kids, bring it here …”

Caribou, “Straw’s Walk out now … We’re also killing me, baby will be”
Koribu “You let me”

Luffy false, “Yeah, because two guys have decided … I’ll enter as one executive,”

Marine “# 46 GR … check here more than 100 pirates. … The dark and hard to see the Straw Hat and his gang, caribou hair – wet – including the return of the blood] [Koribu confirmed the bounty”

Sentoumaru “Well, they were also preparing dwarf.’re Going!”

No. GR–33

(Brook, live complete)
Brook “W I’m okay thank you!” “… I suddenly have reported Tsu’ll all!”

Audience, “What?” “Will surely add a live presentation”

Brooke: “I actually … no …” “I … I am a pirate!”

Audience: “Eh?”

Brooke: “To me, I wait for one companion. During those decades, a fellow that I am alive, believe me … dark fellow who saved me from the darkness! Swore their commitment … to protect! I return to the pirate Tsu! ”
Masturbation (issue a written arrangement)

Brooke: “I’m humming]