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questa è la traduzione dello spoiler…nn lo posto in spoiler xk nn sono sicuro che sia vero….se ho la conferma ve lo faccio sapere…;)

1° parte

[SPOILER]Zoro and Sanji Luffy a ship heading to join Reilly
After killing the Caribbean and blink to where Luffy Corrib Sentoumaru fake, I say hey to leave, his false Monja
A crowd of around faux? False lash out and wait up to see Luffy and saying
Robin ran away to fake out an opening scene changes, 46 GR No. chase you find a fake Robin ran to the chopper
In the last two ends to confront people with deformed figure is never seen until now noticed the chopper Sentoumaru  

Part 4

600 story of Marshal “Sengoku”

Also caught the chopper went to help somehow I caught fake robin chopper.

I’ll tell you the truth from the cute to thank you for coming Anta help Robin false. I’ll not Nikorobin. Chopper surprise.

Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper was after the fact that I get all the impostor. Escape defeat in a moment of pain and false-robin chopper abducted. No way I still 使Itakunakatta E reality.

Thanks for your help Robin false. Toi I’ll tell it to another … thank you.

Nami and Usopp Sunny already arrived. Frankie and resume. Robin went somewhere. Sanji arrived there. Once you find Nami death. Usoppusanji carry on board. Nami storms seen in the sky.

I want to come on board immediately to bring him and other friends from Reilly put the boat and this way soon.
Marimo came out of the ocean floor Speaking Sanji. Usoppuzoro I saw? S nothing to do with why I came.

After a little back from the guy saying no or Sanji. Zoro and Sanji Usopp to find out by.
Chopper arrived and there. I’m supposed to tell everyone and a great moment of joy and reunion.
Luffy has been eating rice. Sitting in the seat next to Zoro, orders a drink. Zoro Luffy ate in silence the two people realize drinking was in the middle. Look what happened to you Zorro?

Shiidaro more painful wounds of the chest that you unwillingly. Luffy Zoroniyari laughter.

During the search and Usoppuzoro Sanji Sanji turned around to notice something. I then attached to someone. Navy might be. Looking back again to arrive in front of Usopp. Gack.

Sanjiusoppu harbor. 隠Rezu Usopp but also to prepare for battle. You guys need to be helped by the E Usopp no longer. Stars rarely deadly, “Unicorn (Unicorn).”

It is also a mysterious man Kurau
Do not worry’m not active anymore enemy retreated. Sanji and Usopp. Surprise to see a man wearing a cloak.
Nami Usopp in Sunny & surprising. ONE PIECE Looking for former Navy General Masaru Masaru Sengoku Marshal. Because it is Choppakokoa MIC.

Man: I simply E-free chocolate that guy Frankie reluctantly.
Sanji and Usopp arrived just outside the store to place Zororeiri Outo Luffy and improved. Ro man appears from the moment of Sanji and Usopp even after the reunion.

Sengoku appearance. Luffy surprise. D · Sengokumonki Luffy. But I hear a lot. Message came from the man in charge of you before that one.