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Credit: Aohige
Source: APF

[SPOILER] 717 Forgotten in Dressrosa

Luffy and Chinjao’s clash knocks out other contestants, but the announcer doesn’t understand what’s going on.
Chinjao asks what kind of “king” is Luffy desiring to be, with that Conqueror’s aura. Luffy answers Pirate King, of course.
The old man replies there are plenty of those with the quality of king in the sea ahead.
The Pirate King is decided by these conqueror haki users clashing for the top.

He asks Luffy who taught him Haki, and Luffy answers Rayleigh.
Chinjao shows clear distaste at the mention of the name, noticing the Dark King still lives.
He then enrages saying he doesn’t want to be reminded of the past.
He then bursts out in tears, crying about the lost treasure of his.
The old days when he was known as Chinjao the Gimlet (or a drill, auger, etc) is long past… answer me, what did Garp do to me!
Luffy of course, doesn’t know, and tell him to make up his mind, crying or enraging.

Kin’emon and Sanji sees Luffy’s fight on the TV screen.
Kin wants to hurry up and get to the Toy House to rescue Kanjuro, but the two see a large crowd of marines surrounding the Colosseum.
The marines led by VA Bastille are waiting for the criminals to exit the Colosseum so they can arrest them on the spot.
the VA is notified they lost contact with Maynard, and he grumbles at the young VA’s brash action.

Meanwhile, the one-legged soldier explains Franky on the law of the land since Dofla took the throne a decade ago.
No one is allowed to go outside after the midnight curfew, and humans and toys must live in their respective houses.
They are never to enter each others’ houses.
Franky is surprised at this segregation, it seemed like humans and toys were getting along fine.
He figures it must be some barrier between the living humans, and non-living toys.
He asks the toy soldier who exactly is the scientist who created them? He must be on Vegapunk’s level!
The toy soldier doesn’t answer… instead the duo comes across an argument.

A woman is screaming for help, saying the toy in front of her has caught the “human illness”.
The toy insists he is her lover, not the man she is with. He calls her by her name Esta, and insists he is a human and her lover.
She is creeped out by the toy she considered her friend, and the toy is taken away by a pair of Dressrosa soldiers.

The poor toy who insists he is human is taken to a scrapyard building, and tossed into a dark, deep, hole…..

The duo comes across a toy dog playing with a child, with his mother watching over.
The dog Wanpoko barks and plays with the child, as the one-legged soldier approach him.
The soldier asks “WHO are you?” The dog whispers to the soldier that he is actually the boy’s father, and the woman’s husband. His name is not actually Wanpoko.
The soldier approach the boy and asks him about his father, but the boy answers he doesn’t have one.
He then approach the woman and asks her about her husband, but she answers she’s not even married.

Franky looks confused. The soldier explains him that there are “forgotten ones” and “ones who forgot” here in Dressrosa.
The toys were humans once… changed to toys by a certain “Devil Fruit user” (this part is dotted for importance) Dofla brought along.
The garden is near… I’ll explain you everything there!

Meanwhile, Fujitora, Dofla, and Law’s fight.
Fujitora and Dofla looks to be fine, but Law is having a hard time, bleeding and beat, desperately trying to call Nami, but not getting any answers….

Meanwhile in Tontatta

Usopp explains the rumbling (caused by the fight above) is due to his haki lol
He asks the dwarfs why they’re going to fight Dofla, and they answer to free the 500 comrades forced to work in the dark factory.
Their princess Manshelly is also there. She’s short tempered and moody, but when Usopp asks why rescue someone like her, the little dwarf warrior puts on a big smile and answers because she’s one of them! (nakama)

He then tells Usopp that Noland would help those in need right? Usopp answers of course he would, that’s what Heroes do! So will I!
The dwarfs are ready to deploy for battle, final battle at the dark factory… located beneath the Colosseum!

End of chapter

Oh, and funny scene.
When the soldier approach Wanpoko, he explains “don’t worry, he’s a toy too” pointing finger at Franky
Franky is like “well… I guess half toy”

And Wanpoko’s real name is Milo.