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Spoiler Capitolo 712, (scusate se li metto così, ma non so mettere sotto spoiler)

[SPOILER]- Chapter 712: Violet.

– 30 minutes ago in Dressrosa. Sanji has been caught by Violet and other Donquixote Family mobs.

– Violet was a killer of Club Trebol army of the Donquixote Family with the power of Devil Fruit “Giro Giro no Mi” (giro is the onomatopoeia of “look intently”). She can see through everyone’s mind.

– Violet wanted to know their plan and purpose but surprised that can only see women in Sanji’s mind.

– Sanji said he never doubt women’s tears and believed what did Violet say before: I hope you can kill a man for me (chap.703).

– Violet was moved and suddenly used the power of Devil Fruit to knock all mobs down.

– Then Violet let Sanji see what happened in the morning when CP0 arrived in Dressrosa. CP0 told Dressrosa’s residents the World Government will revise the news about Doflamingo quitted the Shichibukai and the king of Dressrosa at 3pm and asked them not to leak.

– Back to the beach. Fujitora asked Sakazuki: “What happened? The Marine Headquarters has been fooled?” Sakazuki apologized and said: “I am going to Mariejois and ask the Gorosei.”

– At this moment Robin used ability to create a copy of herself to let Law know they are in underground.

– After that, Doflamingo arrived at the beach.

Law: “You are just a pirate. You don’t have authority to fool the world even if you are the Shichibukai.
If someone that can do to this extent. He must be the Celestial Dragons.
Can it be that you are…!?”

Doflamingo: “…Law! I really want to kill you!”

End of chapter.[/SPOILER]