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[SPOILER]page 1: Caribou’s Kehihihi, Marine ship appears!
page 2: It’s the Insect Army! (Pink Bee’s squad)
page 3: Kabu: You’re late, Leo! [Kabu, user of the Bug Bug Fruit, model Rhinoceros Beetle]
Bian: We were just about to move out!
Meanwhile, Usopp marvels at a new beetle he hasn’t seen before.
page 4: The “Bullet Train Foxes”, a bus that can hold 20 people(dwarves).
Usoland and Robiland marvel at how comfortable the foxes are.
page 5: Leo and the rest move out to save their 500 captured friends.
page 6: Gancho appears (from Robin’s B spot) and clarifies to the Strawlands that the Tontatta Kingdom’s history with Doflamingo isn’t a mere 10-year affair…
Their history spans 900 years.
page 7: Somewhere in the flower fields, there’s a secret entrance that leads to the fairies’ hideout.
The dwarves welcome back their squadron leader (Toy Soldier) and are amazed at the really strong toy he brought back.
page 8: Franky is confused…are dwarves really strong enough to fight?
He then learns that they’re the fairies that everyone speaks off.
Wicca: “Hey, weren’t you going back to your ship??”
page 9: Zoro: “What the hell are you doing, Luffy?!” (A dwarf asks for Zoro to move, he’s blocking the screen)
Zoro: “Damn that Luffy…why didn’t he bring me along?? Just watching this makes my sword itch…”
page 10: Big Mouth Dwarf reports to the entire squad that the legendary heroes Usoland and Robiland have appeared and are now with Leo’s squad.
The heroes also have other members with them (Luffyland, Zoroland, Namiland, Sanland, Chopperland, Franland, Bonesland)
Zoro: Uh…I think I’m Zoroland.
Franky: And I guess I’m Franland.
Dwarves: Ah~~!!! Awesome!!!
Zoro then remembers he was trying to get back to the ship.
page 11: Jola’s art cannot be stopped!
Nami attempts to use [Sky Egg, Snow Cloud].
page 12: Nami’s ClimaTact can’t be used…she thinks it’s turned into a toy.
Jola is furious, “Don’t ever call my beautiful art “toys”!!”
Jola: “But yes, in our family, there is a Fruit User who can turn people into toys…not me.
I ate an Art Fruit, making me an Art Woman!”
page 13: Chopper and Brook’s weapons have been rendered useless!
Jola remarks that she’s surprised they could damage her submarine so badly even after falling victim to her art powers.
A Den Den Mushi rings.
page 14: Chopper has received the message (Though we didn’t get to read/hear it).
Chopper and Nami both seem flustered, “Wasn’t he supposed to be taking care of Caesar??”
Meanwhile, in Green Bit, Doflamingo asks Law who he just called for help, fufufu…
page 15: Doflamingo gloats that Luffy has fallen for the bait and is now fighting in the coliseum.
An arena where fighters come from all over the world…and the losers fall into an inescapable hell.
Dofla: “Your alliance is finished! Just give up, Law!”
page 16: Kin’emon is cheering Luffy on…with predictable reaction from Sanji.
Kin’emon: “But Sanji-dono, if Luffy-dono has entered the battle, then it is only proper (as a man) that he win!”
Burgess arrives to spectate the battle.
[Armament Hardening]
page 17: [Gomu Gomu no Hawk Rifle] (roughly)

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