Reply To: Naruto 434: Discussione degli Spoilers


2 Pain left.
Hell Realm defeated, Naruto turns to Tendou.
Naruto gets blown away by Shinra Tensei.
The frogs launch all sorts of weapon at Pain.
Katsuyu tells Naruto how the jutsu blew the village apart and its 5-second weakness.
Fukasaku says Genjutsu is the only way now. Naruto says he doesn’t know Genjutsu. Fukasaku says he will cast it.
Pain uses Shinra Tensei again. The frogs get blown away.
Watching from afar, Chouji, Kiba and Hinata are worried for Naruto.

Pain usa di nuovo lo Shinra Tensei??? ma quanto Cristo di chakra ha sto qua?????