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Credit : 火影ナルト
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[SPOILER]kushina tell the story of her chakras
uzumaki clan derives of senju distant relative
special family know for strong spirit strong chakras
however it is not kekkei genkai
kyuubi knows this chakras as the brightest light chakras
kushina tells there is special ‘resonance’ of kyuubi and uzumaki chakras, creating the stronger chakras.
therefore uzumaki controls any bijuu chakras
uzumaki father was friend of shodai hokage
teaches bijuu controls to shodai, uzumaki father can also hokage?
uzumaki clan killed by unknown man in mask
kushina survives to move into konoha
also the konoha attacked by masked man
minato and kushina protect the konoha
endure future to naruto
minato appear to naruto
both kushina and minato love naruto
naruto must not “overheat” or kyuubi becomes loose
naruto feels stronger chakras then ever
kyuubi is angry yet control by narutos chakras[/SPOILER]